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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” June 11, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome to “Hannity.” It is 9:00 p.m. in our nation’s capital, 9:00 p.m. in New York City, and 9:00 a.m. appropriate actuality in Singapore, area we’re alive and we are abandoned as you can see on the screen, aloof moments abroad from Admiral Trump’s celebrated one-on-one acme with the North Korean absolutist Kim Jong Un.

Now, Admiral Trump and North Korean absolutist both accustomed at the acme armpit appropriate actuality in Singapore. This is an important moment for the United States, frankly, the world. Now, afterwards the summit, by the way, we’ll acquaint you about — all about the president’s celebrated meeting. We’re action to comedy you the abounding interview. We’ll be interviewing Admiral Trump appropriate actuality on this affairs tomorrow night. We’ll accept our aperture address in aloof a few minutes.

But from Singapore cogent us what to apprehend from this meeting, we accept FOX Account arch White House correspondent, our friend, John Roberts. He fabricated the cruise over.

Sir, what’s action on there?

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Sean, acceptable to see you, and acceptable morning to you, your alive position.

First of all, a little bit of breaking news. The admiral tweeting while he was cat-and-mouse there for Kim Jong Un to so the admiral could get into the Cappella resort there, that Larry Kudlow, his arch bread-and-butter advisor, has suffered a affection beforehand and has been taken to Walter Reed Civic Advancing Medical Center.

We accept no chat on what the action of Kudlow is, but he is acutely in acceptable hands. Walter Reed Civic Advancing Medical Center, one of the arch medical institutions in this country. So, we’ll break beside of that and we’ll accompany you any developments that we get on that front, as things unfold.

Now to the actual amount on duke actuality at Singapore and this summit. I mean, if you attending at area we are now, compared to area we were aloof a few months ago, it is arresting progress. These are leaders who not abandoned had a faculty of acrimony arise ceremony added because of their assorted countries’ positions, but additionally were casting claimed blame at ceremony other.

President Trump calling Kim Jong Un little rocket man in the accent that he fabricated to the United Nations Accepted Assembly. Kim Jong Un saying, rather barbarous things about Admiral Trump. Yet, actuality they are in the aforementioned architecture at the aforementioned time.

Sean, what charcoal to be apparent admitting is aloof how austere Kim Jong Un is about the action of denuclearization. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, has told us on a brace of occasions now that he was told in actuality by Kim Jong Un because he has met him active in actuality this will be the third time that Kim Jong Un wants to denuclearize. That he has a claimed charge from Kim that, yes, he wants to go advanced and do it.

But it would accept to cut adjoin the atom of aggregate that North Korea has stood for, at atomic for the aftermost two or three decades, and that every time the United States has entered into negotiations with North Korea about curbing, pressing, maybe rolling aback a little bit its nuclear program, the North Koreans accept done one affair on one duke and afresh they accept done commodity absolutely altered on the other. Remember, they said they were action to get rid of their plutonium assembly arrangement and afresh they abandoned swapped that out for accomplished uranium, which is what eventually led to these nuclear bombs that they had been testing.

So, the admiral action into this with a abundant amount of skepticism that North Korea absolutely agency what it’s saying, but the admiral insisting that the abandoned affair that he will angle for is a complete, irreversible and absolute denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. We apperceive to some amount what Kim Jong Un is attractive for.

He’s attractive for bread-and-butter guarantees. He is attractive for aegis guarantees. He’d like to see an end to the Korean War. He’d like to see the normalization of relations with the United States. But unless is he able to accord it all up in a way that can be verified, Sean, he’s not action to get abundant from this president.

HANNITY: I don’t anticipate there’s any agnosticism about it. John Roberts, we’re action to be blockage aback in with you throughout the hour tonight in Singapore.

Here in Washington, we accept admonition to the admiral for a preview. Kellyanne Conway is with us.

Kellyanne, I anticipate John Roberts summed it up right. The complete, absolute irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, on top of what has already happened which we can acutely say is historic.

And that is — by the way, we are watching Kim Jong Un and the president, let’s watch this. As they accommodated abashed hands, history in the making.


HANNITY: That was the photo-op. Now, we are assured in about — let’s accept in.


REPORTER: What do you achievement to accomplish, sir?

HANNITY: The media is now shouting questions, what would you like to accomplish, first?

It’s appointed to be a 45-minute meeting. Abounding apprehend it adeptness go on a little bit longer. A lot of talks accept gone all throughout the day yesterday, throughout the night tonight, and arch into this morning. It’s 9:00 a.m. actuality in Singapore.

And we do apprehend in about, well, maybe 15 account from appropriate now that the admiral and Kim Jong Un or at atomic the admiral will be authoritative a statement. Aback that happens, we’ll accompany it to you live.

But let me go aback to Kellyanne Conway, advisor to the admiral for a aloof a minute.

The complete, absolute irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but we already accept a lot that’s happened here. We dismantled one nuclear analysis site. At atomic Kim Jong Un has. We accept three American hostages accept been released. Missiles chock-full actuality accursed aback in December over Japan, the saber awkward has stopped.

They are absolutely talking about denuclearization. And some hardliners accept been — well, let’s aloof say — expunged or removed from power. So, a lot has happened arch up to this that absolutely paved the way for this, Kellyanne.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: That’s right, Sean. And accord and beforehand accept already won. The accomplish that accept been fabricated absolutely are historic. That everybody who’s watching is witnessing history.

Congratulations to you for accepting the aboriginal post-summit account with Admiral Trump. And I apperceive that he will acquaint you what he anticipation of today. But bethink what he has said already, which is that this admiral knows that sometimes negotiations like this booty one, two, three, four, bristles or added meetings. You can’t change 70 years of war and a country that has abandoned itself from best of the blow of the apple as it becomes nuclear capable. And you can’t apprehend that to about-face about in a day or a meeting.

But let’s bethink what’s changed, what’s afflicted from accomplished presidents’ attempts. It’s the administering and the eyes of Admiral Trump. It’s his adeptness to reframe the way we attending at relations about the globe.

And I’ll acquaint you — this is not an American issue. The denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is everybody’s business. This allowances the world.

And that’s additionally why Admiral Trump has brought on lath the South Korean president, Mr. Abe from Japan. He keeps including association from the arena in the conversation. He has been advancing for this for absolutely a while insofar as he has been appointment with and accepting briefings from association admitting who are abreast in the arena and absolutely those abreast with account to nukes.

And actuality we are, you’re right. We’re way advanced of the game. But there’s commodity about Admiral Trump accepting the allurement from North Korea to at atomic sit bottomward and alpha to talks.

And, Sean, you know, there are bodies this weekend who are adage they achievement the acme fails. They achievement the abridgement tanks.

Folks, don’t bet adjoin accord and beforehand for the world. Get on Aggregation America and —

HANNITY: Kellyanne, if I can arrest you. Hang on one second.

We’re action to accept in on Kim Jong Un and the admiral now allegedly demography questions.

TRUMP: I feel absolutely great. We’re action to accept a abundant altercation and amazing success, we’re action to be abundantly successful. And it’s my honor. We will accept a agitating relationship. I accept no doubt.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was not accessible to get here.


KIM JONG UN, NORTH KOREAN LEADER (through translator): The accomplished (INAUDIBLE) and the old prejudices and practices formed as obstacles on our way forward, but we overcame all of them and we are actuality today.

TRUMP: That’s true.


TRUMP: Acknowledge you actual much, everybody. Acknowledge you actual much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This way, acknowledge you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Guys, let’s go.

HANNITY: All right. As you can see, well, let’s accumulate active in. The admiral will accept a agitating relationship. It’s a little adamantine to apprehend the analyst here. But we’ll be putting up on the chyrons at the bottom.

Basically what you accept a agglomeration of niceties, photo opportunity. This is an celebrated event. I mean, the aftermost time we saw commodity allegedly as big as this, this goes aback to Reagan and Gorbachev and, remember, in Reykjavik, that it did not assignment out as able-bodied as some bodies thought. But eventually, as it progressed over time, what happened? The bank came aerobatics down.

There’s been a lot of allocution about, well, will they be talking aloft denuclearization, about animal rights? Will they be talking about accessible reunification of North and South Korea ancient bottomward the line?

All of those issues, I’m sure, will be discussed at some point. But as the admiral was actual bright aback he larboard Washington, he was adage this is a process. There will be annihilation active here, he said. He said this adeptness booty two, three, four, bristles affairs or maybe alike more. But it absolutely is account it if we can accomplish the apple a safer place.

But, again, the amount altercation and authorization of the United States and this is actual bright — it is complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

All right. Abutting us now, we accept Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Sara Carter, and you see this basin abaft us, Daniel Hoffman was pond in it at 3:00 a.m. bounded time, six hours ago, accomplishing laps. I was up with you. That’s how I know.

Good to see you.

The ambition is noble. We accept so abundant that has happened arch up to this, which should accord the apple hope. There are no guarantees actuality at all.

But the actuality that North Korea took all of those steps, hostages released, missiles chock-full actuality fired. They are accommodating to allocution about denuclearization. All of that and afresh agape bottomward one of their nuclear analysis sites. That’s a appealing big acknowledgment aloof to get here.

DANIEL HOFFMAN, RETIRED CIA SENIOR INTELLIGENCE OFFICER: There is a lot of accomplish that had been taken already. I anticipate the abiding catechism is whether he wants to banknote in his nuclear weapons adequacy and the ICBM adequacy for food, for action assistance, and ultimately for amalgam his abridgement into the arena and the world. And those questions abide to be answered, but what we apperceive today is that the admiral is demography the forerunner step, which is to authorize the accord with Kim Jong Un on which aggregate depends.

HANNITY: You know, there was one political point, Dr. Gorka, and I’ll accompany it to you, because you formed in the Trump White House, that Kellyanne was aloof authoritative afore this.

You know, it’s interesting. Every bread-and-butter admeasurement and 500-plus days, it’s adequately remarkable, abnormally compared to eight years of Obama. Everybody that said Donald Trump couldn’t win the primary, couldn’t win a accepted election, that anticipation Trump’s abridgement would tank. And that this day would never action because he alleged little rocket man and talked about blaze and fury.

If they had any bookish honesty, a lot of people, Democrats and the media would be bistro crow. But abounding politically, sadly, they don’t appetite this to be acknowledged because that hurts them in November.

DR. SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST: Bill Maher wants the American abridgement to tank.

HANNITY: He said so, recession.

GORKA: Right, right.

So, Einstein fabricated out acceleration of ablaze acclaimed with his equation. I anticipate now, we are action to accept to allocution about the acceleration of Trump. Anticipate about what has happened in aloof 500 additional 10 days. It is absolutely remarkable, from the crushing of the ISIS caliphate, to the bread-and-butter growth, to 75 percent abatement in actionable migration, on and on and on.

And now, anticipate about what’s happened in aloof a amount of a few weeks. A brace of months ago, we were talking about abeyant blaze and acerbity on the Korean peninsula. Today, on the ceremony of Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate accent area he said breach bottomward this wall, I doth my cap to my White House aloft colleagues to accept June 12th as a big day. We may be affective from blaze and acerbity to abeyant accord and prosperity.

HANNITY: You know, the similarities actuality are remarkable. I apperceive there is a accomplished bearing that weren’t watching aback Reagan met Gorbachev and aback Reagan absolved abroad from Reykjavik. And aback he gave that speech, Mr. Gorbachev, breach bottomward this wall, his own admiral didn’t appetite him to say that.

GORKA: They approved to abolish it six times.

HANNITY: At atomic six, right?

GORKA: And he had to manually address it in there as he was benumbed on the Beast to the event. You know, the swamp is an old phenomena, Sean. It’s been about for a continued time.

HANNITY: Oh, it feels like the swamp because the — it’s added boiling actuality in Singapore than any abode I accept been in a continued time. But the similarities are remarkable, but it wasn’t aloof breach bottomward this wall. It was the angry empire.

It sounds a lot like blaze and fury, and it sounds a lot like little rocket man.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It was the Iron Curtain, it was bringing bottomward that Iron Curtain and the Reagan doctrine. And remember, this didn’t aloof arise overnight, aloof like North Korea appropriate now. It doesn’t arise overnight.

This is weeks and weeks of preparations, months of preparation. In November, Kim Jong Un launched the ICBM. I mean, the ICBM went over 2,700 afar into space. Anticipate about that, Sean, the amplitude base is 250 afar up.


CARTER: This was a absolutely absolute thread. It was a absolute warning. And that’s why the blaze and acerbity account came up.

This is the aboriginal footfall for it.

HANNITY: My button is bigger than castigation and it works.

CARTER: That’s right. My button is — and that’s what they were doing. Actuality we accept these two men absolutely arduous one mother, that there’s commodity added important that’s blow here.

This is the alpha of commodity actual important, and abandoned nation like you’ve declared so much, Daniel, in all of your work. An abandoned nation advancing out, advancing to the forefront, and the admiral saying, look, we’re giving you a chance. We’re extensive out to you.

Do you appetite to booty this befalling or do you appetite to go aback to November blaze and fury?


Daniel, you accept been absolutely arresting from the get-go. You accept been admonishing people, abnormally the White House, and in your own way, you’ve been authoritative the point, don’t — administer expectations actuality and I anticipate actual aboriginal on, the admiral accurately — look, Kim Jong Un is unpredictable. Cipher accepted him to cantankerous the DMZ into the accoutrements of the South Korean president. But it happened. And the admiral walls actual clear. Don’t apprehend annihilation signed, 12, 3, 4, 5 visits. Maybe allure them.

And the admiral was actual clear, don’t apprehend annihilation active two, three, four, five, maybe he’ll allure him, maybe I won’t. I’ll admeasurement him up allegedly in a minute, like he allegedly did all of his business life. As he said, I able my accomplished action for this.

HOFFMAN: Yes, I mean, I anticipate the admiral followed a absolutely acute path. We beatific Secretary Pompeo to Pyongyang for two visits to admeasurement up Kim Jong Un and see the admeasurement to which he was austere about administering negotiations. I anticipate at the beginning of Kim Jong Un’s calculus is that his nuclear bridle is important for his administering security.

He saw what that meant to adolescent autocrats, Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi and their own regime’s aegis aback they lacked that deterrent. I anticipate that that’s commodity that we accept to get past.

HANNITY: I anticipate one of the things that has been on their ancillary that is absolutely attractive for, OK, what assurances do we accept that if they charge the bread-and-butter assistance, one of the Chinese affidavit had an commodity that the assembly of Kim Jong Un is bistro $35 cafe breakfast which is the account bacon of the boilerplate person. That agency bodies are craving in North Korea. And at some point, that becomes existential blackmail to a regime, too.

So, he’s action to accept to decide, OK, will the assurances of the United States and China be abundant to accomplish accord it up — yes?

GORKA: That’s why it was ability who — I’m action to acquisition outs who did it, but whoever had the plan bygone to booty Kim to the Singapore Bay Sands resort, we there the day before. We arrested it out, 57 belief tall, this astonishing building, the opulence. What can you do in Singapore in a amount of aloof a few years, and they showed this to Kim.

Can you brainstorm what he is cerebration appropriate now? Wow. This is the West. This is chargeless markets. This is democracy.

They buried a berry in his apperception that OK, conceivably we could accept this on the Korean peninsula. It’s genius. It’s utter, absolute genius.

HANNITY: You know, one of the added things this is affair of the beforehand up to this. It’s actual interesting. The president, that is his array of adeptness airish if you attending — if you noticed with Prime Minister Trudeau, all of a sudden, he was sitting aback and afresh he saw Admiral Trump aptitude advanced like this and he went into that. The admiral smiling, they’re both smiling. These are the niceties. This was all planned in advance, orchestrated in advance.

One absorbing point, there is a differing behavior as it relates to adopted policy. There is a aesthetics of Reagan. Accord through strength. Assurance but verify. The Berlin bank came down.

Then, there is the aesthetics of Bill Clinton. He approved to allurement Kim Jong- un’s father, Kim Jong-il with $3 billion in action subsidies and he told the American people, he said, this is a acceptable accord for the American people. It wasn’t. He got nuclear weapons.

And aloof like there is no burden planes actuality beatific actuality of banknote and added currencies like Obama beatific to the mullahs in Iran. A actual big abstract bisect about how to access these people.

CARTER: Absolutely, and bootless sanctions. You know, talk, talk, talk. And what we see is they consistently breed their nuclear capabilities. We saw that in Syria, aback North Korea was absolutely acceptable the Syrian administering and the architecture of a nuclear bulb which the Israelis went advanced and took out.

And we see that consistently. You know, with some leaders, a actual strong, bent leadership, commodity admiral by Admiral Trump. Reagan was actual acceptable at this. It’s what affects them. It’s what takes them.

And had you mentioned, what is it action to booty for Kim Jong Un to affectionate of move into this sanctuary, to accord his bodies what they charge and economically, I anticipate appropriate now, we’re seeing that he had that for some time. He went to Switzerland, I mean, he was in academy in Switzerland, that this isn’t somebody that as abandoned from the blow of the world. He aloof capital the blow of the world’s respect.

Now, it’s action to be difficult. Animal rights abuses in North Korea are staggering. And there is a lot that he —

HANNITY: Gulags there.

CARTER: That’s right.

HANNITY: Actually, but the — you know, one footfall at a time.

CARTER: Yes, this is one.

HANNITY: The nukes, I would accede that needs to be a allotment of the conversation. But if you can denuclearize — if denuclearization of the Korean peninsula occurs, we accept a safer world, a bigger world. Rockets not aerial over Japan, it’s a better, safer world. To what admeasurement Daniel Hoffman did the president’s sanctions and the admiral bang brigades off the Korean bank do you anticipate accept an access on Kim Jong Un?

HOFFMAN: Oh, I anticipate a actual austere and cogent impact. Those were the two angled offensive.

You know, the adverse couldn’t be greater. We are sitting in the average of one of the best economically active regions on the planet. And North Korea is the outlier. Singapore is the prototype. And it’s not aloof Kim Jong Un that’s demography it all in. It’s anybody who is traveling with him.

And Kim Jong Un has to antithesis the actuality that his abridgement is in chargeless fall. That threatens his administering greatly. And adverse — and he has to anticipate about that accompanying with the United States’ assurance to arise this bridle that we’ve fabricated actual bright to him that we will be responding actual actively in the contest of any advancing action from North Korea.

HANNITY: One added affair and I appetite you to add to that, Dr. Gorka, if you can. And I additionally anticipate one unbeknownst little agency here, if you go aback to aback the admiral was affair with the Chinese president. Actual — actually, alluring and interesting, because affairs that were declared to be 15, 20 minutes, went on bristles hours.

There is a adventure that the admiral tells that aback he was at banquet with the Chinese president, that was the night of the aboriginal Syrian bang —

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: — afterwards Admiral Assad had acclimated these weapons adjoin his own people. In the average of ambrosia as the admiral tells the story, he leaned over and told the Chinese president, well, they are affliction children, they’re application actinic weapons adjoin innocent people, aloof so you know, I don’t appetite you to apprehend from somebody else, and he told him.

That accord seems to accept caked abundantly and is actual underreported. How big a agency is it?

GORKA: The bigger agency on these talks today of a amateur who is not in that allowance appropriate now is China, and the actuality that China afterwards that ambrosia and the amber block and the 59 cruise missiles, afterwards they —

HANNITY: You heard the story, too.

GORKA: Oh, indeed. Afterwards they aghast the admiral — because there was some affectionate of gelling at Mar-a-Lago, but afresh afterwards, they didn’t aftermath what the admiral expected. Aback the admiral got alike added serious, aback he beatific those tweets about Beijing did not footfall up to the plate, what happened? Aural a amount of weeks, Beijing chock-full affairs North Korean coal. One of the few things they had.

HANNITY: That was huge. You’re right. And they barter (ph) American coal.

GORKA: Right. And not abandoned that, then, China assists us in our cyberbanking area sanctions on North Korea.


GORKA: Unheard — if somebody told you aloof a year ago, China is action to advice us with acceptance North Korea’s banking sector, they would accept beatific you to, you know, the funny farm. But it happened.

This is — this is the Trump aftereffect and additionally I accept to say actuality it’s Mike Pompeo. What Mike Pompeo has done is absolutely incredible. Absolutely incredible.

HANNITY: Mike Pompeo is a bedrock star. He came in aboriginal in his chic at West Point?

GORKA: At West Point.

HANNITY: All right. We’re a little jealous, all right, that a little bit too abundant resume architecture here.

All right. We’re action to abide with our panel.

Now, as we aloof saw moments ago, a photo opportunity. The admiral Kim Jong Un, they are now meeting, what is appointed to be abandoned a 45-minute meeting. We will be watching the time. We’ll see what happens.

It is accepted that the admiral adeptness be action — they adeptness be both action home afterwards this all happens.

For the actual latest, we accept appropriate actuality with us in Singapore, FOX Account arch civic correspondent, our friend, Ed Henry, is with us.

Ed, what’s action on?

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Sean, it’s absorbing you mentioned the timing. There was a lot of annotation aback in the United States on some added channels that maybe because this calendar is accepting compress, that the accord was falling through. The admiral aggravating to extinguish any allocution forth those curve with some tweets appropriate afore these talks started, calling out what he alleged haters and others who were aggravating to allocution all of this down.

White House admiral cogent me that basically, they had planned for the achievability of the admiral blockage a additional day for these talks to continue, but additionally knew that it adeptness abandoned be one day. Kim Jong Un basically advertence he wants to go home aloof a few hours afterwards these talks end. Now, the admiral planning to do the same.

But, again, U.S. admiral are admonishing us, that could change based on what’s blow appropriate now, blow afore our eyes abaft bankrupt doors. If they are authoritative beforehand and charge added time, they actual able-bodied both leaders could extend their time actuality in Singapore. On the added hand, U.S. admiral adage that in the pregame talks, they feel like they fabricated so abundant beforehand in acceding of denuclearization, and accepting there on a reasonable calendar that conceivably and beneath a aeroembolism calendar they cans still get some affectionate of a accord accord or a framework for accord accord behindhand of how continued they break here.

So, the actual basal band as you were talking about Mike Pompeo a moment ago, the secretary of state, a little exhausted I heard was about a week, a anniversary and a bisected ago, the admiral went with his ancestors to Camp David. Mike Pompeo was declared to go there and abrupt him during some of his bottomward time to adapt him for this summit.

But, I’m told that Pompeo told his aides he didn’t absolutely charge to abrupt the admiral anymore. He was actual assured a anniversary or so ago that the admiral was already actual up to acceleration on all key issues.

So, you’ve had Democrats like Chuck Schumer say this is bench of the pants diplomacy. They don’t apperceive what’s action to arise on the arena in Singapore. But I can acquaint you, the president’s aggregation is actual assured that, A, he is able and, B, that they are closing in on some affectionate of a deal. We’re cat-and-mouse and watching actual closely.

At the top of the hour, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Arch of Staff John Kelly will accompany this affair amid the admiral and Administrator Kim and advertisement mutual affair as they alarm it aloof over a bisected hour from now to try and amount out absolutely what affectionate of a accord they can bang out, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Abundant perspective, Ed Henry, acknowledgment for actuality with us actuality in Singapore. We break in Singapore.

Our own John Roberts is continuing by.

And we are watching history in the making, John. And I’d adulation to be a fly on the bank in that room.

ROBERTS: Wouldn’t that be an amazing abode to be, to be a fly on the wall? Because actuality you had two leaders who are absolutely throwing rocks at ceremony other, and now are abashed easily and actuality actual affable with ceremony other. The admiral adage that they are action to accept a abundant relationship. Kim Jong Un adage they’ve affected a lot of actual big obstacles in adjustment to get calm in that room.

But again, the big question, because we haven’t been absolutely to this point abounding times in the accomplished because there has never been baton to baton talks. And there’s absolutely never been the admiral of the United States and the baton of North Korea in the aforementioned allowance calm aloof them and their translators.

But we accept been through a lot of negotiations with North Korea and they accept never absolutely panned out. I mean, you had that acceding aback in the aboriginal 1990s that seemed to go some ambit to annoyance North Korea’s nuclear program. But with the one hand, they were accepting rid of their plutonium program, and with the added hand, they were bolstering their uranium accessory program.

There is so abundant to allocution about here, Sean. And the admiral has said on abounding occasions that they can’t get it all done in one meeting. That what he hopes to do is alpha a process.

If you attending at accent that Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, acclimated yesterday, he said the ultimate ambition is the complete, irreversible and absolute denuclearization of the Koreans peninsula, the ultimate goal. So, what’s the acting goal? The admiral has said, he told me aback I threw a catechism at him, he’d like to do it all at once.

But he knows that that’s allegedly not realistic, because you can’t aloof box up North Korea’s nuclear program, put it on a agile of carriage alike and booty them to the United States in affectionate of the aforementioned way they did with the Libyan nuclear affairs aback in 2003. It’s abundant added massive. It additionally includes a big ballistic missile program. So, that’s action to accept to be taken apart.

And afresh there is this idea, too, Sean, of verification. North Korea has consistently played adumbrate and allege with its nuclear program, alike aback inspectors were accustomed into country. So, to accept commodity that is absolute and Pompeo fatigued this afresh yesterday, that the V for absolute is a big, big, big affair here. Until you get a affairs in abode and you get cooperation from the North Koreans, that they are action to be actual transparent, absolutely transparent, and let you apperceive aggregate that they’re doing, you are never absolutely action to apperceive what North Korea is up to.

When you attending at the history of this nation, they accept consistently said one affair and done another. So if the admiral can get the two countries on the aforementioned clue area everybody knows what’s action on and North Korea absolutely does appetite to denuclearize, afresh that’s action to leave an accessible question.

By the way, “The Washington Post” aloof a abbreviate time ago had amend on Larry Kudlow. According to Judy Kudlow, his wife, she told “The Washington Post” and the White House is alive on a account appropriate now that Larry Kudlow is fine, quote, fine, and that the doctors at the Walter Reed Civic Advancing Medical Center are agitating and they’re demography acceptable affliction of him.

So, we’re aggravating to get some absolute analysis of that, Sean. Haven’t been able to at this point. I’ve been in blow with the White House. They are alive on bird-dogging this as well. But the chat from Judy Kudlow through “The Washington Post” is that Larry Kudlow, quote, is accomplished — Sean.

HANNITY: All right, John. By the way, John, acceptable news, abundant account actually. I’m a acquaintance of Larry’s, and acknowledge you for that report.

We’ll get aback to John and Ed Henry.

I appetite you to apperceive what we’re witnessing actuality is absolutely history in the making, what is conceivably the best consequential week, by the way, in contempo anamnesis aback you anticipate about it.

Now, moments ago, the admiral met abandoned with the North Korean dictator. They’re now affair one on one. The altercation accepted to aftermost about 45 minutes, is action to be followed by a collective affair and a alive cafeteria with admiral from both sides.

Now, the ultimate ambition in these talks is the complete and actual verifiable, and, by the way, irreversible denuclearization of North Korea.

So we’re action to appearance you why Admiral Trump has already garnered added adept success appropriate actuality in this arena than any added administering in avant-garde history. There is reason. It didn’t arise by accident.

We’ll additionally altercate how the president’s behavior now force Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table in the aboriginal place. The angle and understanding, we accept got to apprentice these acquaint and how there are alike people, Democrats some in the media they don’t appetite to accept they are anytime wrong. They don’t appetite to accept that the nuclear war that we are admiration didn’t arise and accord may arise in its place.

And by the way, we do accept to advertise that the admiral will be sitting bottomward with us appropriate actuality in Singapore for a one-on-one interview. That’s all happening. You will apprehend anon from him what went on abaft the scenes what’s absolutely blow appropriate at this hour.

We accept so abundant to awning and we are action to get to all of it in tonight’s breaking account Singapore aperture monologue.

All right, as we speak, the admiral is administering a alternation of affairs with the North Korean absolutist Kim Jong Un. They aloof met, they befuddled hands, they had a photo op. And tomorrow the admiral will accompany us appropriate actuality on this affairs for an important one-on-one and he will accompany us central that room.

But we activate tonight, how did we get here? We went to detail the president’s goals, how political opponents of the admiral are agilely aggravating to actualize bogus unrealistic expectations so that they could, “Ah, this is a failure,” aback we’ve gotten so abundant out of this already afore it alike started.

No one predicted that these talks would anon aftereffect in the complete and absolute denuclearization of North Korea. This is action to be a action as the Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo said, well, the adamantine assignment absolutely begins afterwards the summit. And it’s actual important to bethink what Admiral Trump, what he aloof said a few canicule ago. He told us absolutely that this is a process, it’s a continued action and here’s what he said.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Our bodies accept been in Singapore. Our bodies accept been alive very, actual able-bodied with the assembly of North Korea. So we’re action in with a absolute attitude and I anticipate we’re action to arise out fine. But I’ve said it abounding times. Who knows? Who knows? May not, may not assignment out. There’s a acceptable adventitious it won’t assignment out. There’s allegedly an alike bigger adventitious that it will booty a aeon of time. It will be a process.


HANNITY: So this is action to be an advancing process. Kim Jong Un going, as the admiral said, he can go at his own pace, he can go faster and he can go slower.

Now acutely we can’t balloon the capricious attributes of Kim Jong Un and his predecessors as we accept abstruse from history. Now North Korea won’t accede to our terms, the president, well, he declared abounding times he will airing away. That would be the appropriate affair to do. He already annulled this affair once. And they were affectionate of allurement him to arise back.

One affair is certain, this admiral is not action to be bamboozled into sending banknote endless of, or burden planes abounding of banknote like Bill Clinton did in the 1990s able they’ll never get nuclear weapons. We apperceive that the aloft president, Admiral Clinton’s action in North Korea was an base failure. Kissing the rings of despots, it doesn’t work. Aggravating to allurement them doesn’t work. Bluntly it’s a anatomy of insanity.

In adjustment to abstain these actual mistakes and Clinton’s blunder, well, we achievement admiral and it seems to, arch up to this, well, the admiral is now afterward the beforehand of antecedent alleged Ronald Reagan. And aloof like Donald Trump, Reagan deployed a policy, a aesthetics of accord through strength, assurance but verify, a actual advancing advancing posture. And aloof like Trump, Reagan had actual boxy words for America’s bigger foe, the Soviet Union. For some of you may not remember. But it’s account acquirements the acquaint of history or we’re bedevilled to echo the failures. Booty a listen.


THEN-PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: They deliver the supremacy of the state. Declare its omnipotence over abandoned men that adumbrate its closing ascendancy of all peoples on the earth. They are the focus of angry in the avant-garde world.

So in your discussions of the nuclear benumb proposals, I appetite you to be acquainted of the allurement of pride, the allurement of active declaring yourselves aloft it all, and able abandon appropriately at fault. To avoid the facts of history and the advancing impulses of an angry empire, to artlessly alarm the accoutrements chase a behemothic confounding and thereby abolish yourself from the attempt amid appropriate and amiss and acceptable and evil.


HANNITY: Appropriate and wrong, acceptable and evil, force of evil, angry authority — it’s important to bethink Admiral Reagan was not abashed to airing abroad from the negotiating table. This is actual key. Afore bigger catastrophe the Cold War Ronald Reagan in his 1986 one-on-one talks with Mikhail Gorbachev afterwards extensive any affectionate of deal, he absolved abroad in Reykjavik in Iceland.

And of advance tonight we accept abounding affidavit to be hopeful. Now already as I’ve been adage in abounding ways, the U.S. has fabricated added adept beforehand appropriate here, well, in North Korea. We’re in Singapore than any added antecedent administration.

Kim Jong Un, he dismantled one of his nuclear testing sites. He chock-full testing intercontinental ballistic missiles. Remember, he’s battlefront them over Japan aggressive Guam and aggressive the absolute arena — at atomic temporarily. That was aback in December. And he concluded all those nuclear tests. He arise three American earnest — hostages. He absolved beyond the DMZ and had affable talks with the South Korean president, Admiral Moon.

And now for the aboriginal time in history he is sitting bottomward appropriate there as we allege and afterwards hesitation, afterwards any concessions from the United States — this is a point the media hasn’t made. None, zero, he has accustomed nothing. And we accept got on concessions that cipher predicted. And the admiral is ambitious complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization.

This is acutely a aces goal. You affliction about your kids, your grandkids, you appetite a safer world? This is a acceptable day for you. At atomic we accept hope.

Now as primarily achieved, how did we get here? For two capital cardinal regions. First, president’s accord through backbone strategy. It works. It works every time. Why don’t we chase it, I don’t know. He beatific assorted carriers bang armament to the region. He ramped up advancing drills, he bind the screws on and access sanctions program. The sanctions abandoned accept bedridden North Korea’s abhorrent economy.

So accomplish no aberration in North Korea today their bearings is dire. And Kim Jong Un’s commonwealth deals with ache and abjection that is a blackmail to his power. And by the way, on a calibration we are not seeing anywhere abroad in the world. And as Kim Jong Un comes here, they can booty a attending at aloof how admirable south — Singapore is and saying, “Maybe we can do this in my country.” Because the North Korean abridgement is so distressed, alike Kim Jong Un, remember, reportedly charge banking abetment to get a auberge allowance actuality in Singapore. I’ll let him break with me if he wants. I will let him beddy-bye on the couch.

Anyway, it’s a primary way — this is the important lesson. Trump affected Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table through an bigger accord with the Chinese president. China is North Korea’s bigger accessory trading partner. Abounding analysts accept that China holds a key to a safe Korean peninsula. He can burden Kim Jong Un and his administering like no added country.

So, tonight, the apple is watching. We are watching actuality in Singapore. And you still accept bodies on the left, predictably — I accept said abounding times that if the admiral absolutely gave a actor dollars or added to every American aborigine you would accept bodies on the larboard say, “Why isn’t it two million?” And — there are bodies that Admiral Trump’s success is a abortion for them. In added words, they appetite these talks to go nowhere. Do you anticipate the Democrats appetite the admiral to do able-bodied here? There are bodies who accept been amiss about Donald Trump, our president, every distinct footfall of the way.

Some pundits, alleged journalists, affected news, they claim, “Oh, Trump is arch to us a nuclear bonfire because of his boxy words and accomplishments adjoin North Korea.” The aforementioned people, let me see, they predicted and laughed at the abstraction that Trump could win the Republican primary. They laughed at the abstraction he could exhausted Hillary Clinton. The aforementioned bodies didn’t accept that Trump’s bread-and-butter calendar would be this acknowledged in 500 days. The aforementioned bodies accept predicted Admiral Trump would accept already been accusable appropriate now.

And of course, Admiral Trump won the election. The abridgement is soaring, we accept the everyman unemployment amount in bisected a century. We accept added jobs accessible in America than we accept bodies to ample them on the unemployment lines. The everyman unemployment amount in 14 states, the everyman unemployment almanac for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, women in the workplace. Added jobs accessible bodies than bodies on unemployment. Appealing amazing for 500 days. GDP growth, it’s at faster clip than at any time during out the eight years of Obama. Yes, and Admiral Trump is still in office, no accepted blackmail of impeachment. Not a atom of affirmation about Trump, Russia collusion.

These consistently amiss in the affected account media, these overpaid apathetic alleged journalists — really? It makes them attending bad aback the admiral is acknowledged and it helps the country and it helps the world? And for Democrats they appetite to get aback in power, I get it, that if he is acknowledged that doesn’t advice them.

Anyway, already again, this has been on a admirable scale. Bodies accept underestimated Donald Trump afresh and again. And sadly, alike some appetite of them appetite him to be declining so they can be accurate right. And abounding are butterfingers of anytime advertisement considerately on this president.

And by the way, now some are alike claiming Trump wasn’t able for the summit. They will never win, watch this.


MICHAEL D’ANTONIO, CONTRIBUTOR, CNN: He has been advancing for this all forth in his imagination. There is a aberration amid belief up for it. This is not a dog who brand to apprentice new tricks. He relies on the aforementioned methods over and over again.

JOHN BERMAN, HOST, CNN: We’ve been told that Kim has been advancing for months, the admiral tells us he will depend on instinct, feel, and touch.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What I’m afraid about with Admiral Trump is this accomplished thing, you know, “I’m God’s gift. I will go in a moment and I will apperceive aural 30 abnormal whether there will be a accord or not and whether I apperceive the history of North Korea doesn’t matter, it does not.”

STEPHANIE RUHLE, ANCHOR, MSNBC: He said, “I’ve been advancing all my life.” I adulation to know, Mr. President, aback was that? aback you arise in Playboy bendable amount porn movie? Was it aback you anatomy airtight Vince McMahon, the arch of the Apple Wrestling Federation? Or was it aback you were aperture information, aback you are camouflage yourself as your own P.R. adviser talking to tabloids about what a abundant lover you were.


HANNITY: It’s now so accessible and cellophane to everybody area these bodies are advancing from. The admiral said this is commodity you adapt for your accomplished life, you never stop preparing. Now the media and some of their accompany in the Democratic Party, OK, they’ve got their position. We understand.

And, by the way, if the admiral succeeds, anticipate about this. Is this acceptable for the apple or not acceptable for the world? Acceptable for your kids and grandkids or not acceptable for kids and grandkids? Anyway, bad account for them. That’s sad.

Anyway, we are — by the way, assured momentarily, we anticipate that Kim Jong Un and the admiral adeptness be advancing out for addition photo opportunity. If that happens, we’ll accompany it to you live.

We accompany aback Danielle Hoffman, Sara Carter, and Dr. Gorka. I aloof anticipate for me, accepting watched Reagan and watched Reykjavik and watch the bank arise aerobatics bottomward and watch history unfold. And it seems the parallels Reagan was boxy on Gorbachev and the Soviet Union. Reagan took a boxy stand. Angry empire, all of these things. So abounding similarities and some of the aforementioned bodies that were amiss about Reagan are seemed to be amiss here.

DANIEL HOFFMAN, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Right. There’s one added alongside that I’d highlight and that was Admiral Reagan’s assurance on intelligence to accomplish absolutely acceptable policy. And we’ve apparent that with Secretary Pompeo. One the aboriginal accomplish he fabricated abaft the scenes was to accompany aback a afresh retired arch CIA artful casework administrator Andrew Kim who is a Native Korean apostle with amazing accountable amount ability in the region.

And it was Andrew Kim who accompanied Secretary Mike Pompeo, then-director CIA Pompeo on that Easter weekend cruise to Pyongyang and he has played a absolutely analytical abaft the scenes role.



HOFFMAN: I do apperceive him.

HANNITY: Now aloof for bodies that balloon your background. And everybody actuality we accept all been affair and talking with ceremony other. Everybody actuality can verify, if you will this. He scares the active daylights out of you.

Daniel Hoffman, well, no, and I beggarly this in the commutual way. It’s not a bad thing. You say, every chat you accept is actuality recorded here. By the way, aback you booty a battery every — the Chinese, the Russians are watching. This is what you’ve been cogent me aback you got here.


HANNITY: And I’m abiding it’s true. Not the battery part. I don’t know. I’m acquisitive it’s a slight akin of acumen here.


SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: (Inaudible) about that.

HOFFMAN: Yes, I’m not so abiding how absorbing the battery allotment would be.

HANNITY: Acknowledgment a lot, Daniel.

HOFFMAN: Yes. But you know, the akin of absorption acutely is so aerial in this summit. And there are enemies actuality tracking us, the Russians and the Chinese in particular.

HANNITY: You say at the accomplished level. You were actual clear. You were cogent all of us that they — that cyberbanking communications are actuality monitored everywhere here. There’s no accepting abroad from it.

HOFFMAN: I mean, that was — that was my admiration is that the Chinese and the Russians in accurate accept army a full-court columnist in adjustment to actuate — in adjustment to aggregate as abundant intelligence as they can. And they are appealing advanced in ambit aback they do that and they apperceive this is an abnormally important meeting.

And one of the things that the admiral has done to his acclaim is that he has affectionate of shut out Russia and China two genitalia of the six affair talks who were not captivation our absorption at heart. And by accomplishing that and by aggravating to advantage our mutual assurance with North Korea I accept think, he has had abundant added success.

And so they are aggravating to access the Russians and the Chinese from abaft the scenes and aggregate advice as well.

HANNITY: You know–


CARTER: China–

HANNITY: — you are intelligence, you and Gorka, you are about — the affair is you spent 35 years. You’ve lived in Russia, what, bristles years?

HOFFMAN: I did. But, yes, about three decades in the government. Yes.

HANNITY: Three decades. You accept this bold better, as good, well, as anybody. In a lot of means this is a, what we’re affectionate of ambidextrous with a little bit.

CARTER: That’s right. Alike aback — alike aback at home aback we are talking about, you know, FISA–


CARTER: — and Carter Page and all the issues surrounding Mueller. But I appetite to go aback absolutely quick to what Daniel was saying. You know, the Chinese accept so abundant at pale here. I mean, this is mainly Chinese. I mean, to assignment actuality at Singapore they accept a lot at pale here, they accept a lot at pale with North Korea. So it’s actual important for them to accept what’s action on.

They absolutely don’t appetite to see a collapse of North Korea, Sean. They don’t appetite to see the refugee crisis. They don’t appetite addition Chernobyl or commodity like that to booty aftereffect to the collapse of the North Korean government.

So it’s absolutely important for them and their own civic aegis absorption aloof like the United States has our own civic aegis absorption to absolutely accept what’s action on here. Aforementioned with the Russians. And this is what Trump is so absurd at.

He is able to ability out. He says, OK, I’m action to adjudge appropriate now. I’m extensive out to North Korea. I’m ambidextrous with Kim Jong Un. I accept your apropos as well. But I’m negotiating with you.

Despite what the naysayers say because we apperceive he has been absolutely prepping for this for months. He has been prepping for this anytime aback November of aftermost year aback they aerial off their ICBMs.

HANNITY: You know, it was actual adamantine to hear. And I anticipate that’s a abundant observation. It’s actual adamantine to hear, Dr. Gorka aback they were there for the photo op. They answered a brace of little questions. We apprehend them to arise out in a moment by the way, we’re actuality told.

But what we heard is, you know, Kim adage advantageous aggregate we are here. Trump saying, you apperceive what, there will be a acceptable relationship. Trump I accept it will be actual successful. Afterwards a agnosticism there will be a acceptable relationship. And afresh Kim Jong Un says the accomplished and practices that affective our heels addled our eyes and ears.

Interesting comments, I don’t apperceive what you can beam from it but it sounds a little bit like, I accumulate action aback to the actuality that Kim fabricated all these concessions arch into this. One little account account that bodies don’t pay abundant absorption to that three old-time hardliners, I don’t apperceive if we’ll use the chat purge, sponged, removed.

GORKA: Removed.

HANNITY: Demography a vacation, you know, charge to absorb added time with their accouchement which is what you apprehend in the media aback somebody gets fired, I charge to booty absorb added time with my kids. But that to me was maybe the best hopeful assurance that accompanying with the missiles not actuality fired.

GORKA: But why did that happened? And it goes aback to I anticipate the key aspect of your monologue, Sean. Why was Reagan acknowledged and why is Trump acutely so successful? You can’t win unless you accept in your team. And it’s a actual simple formula.

If you alpha your admiral with a all-around acknowledgment tour, you are not action to accommodate your way out of the cardboard bag. You are action to accord in to the mullahs in Iran. You are action to acquiesce out Chinese to rise. You are action to acknowledge to Russian aggression of the Ukraine by rolling over and arena dead.

It’s re-instilling acceptance in America. Aback you accept in your ancillary you can win negotiations. But aback you are action there cerebration hey, we are the bad guys you are action to get beef rollers. And those are the beef rollers of Donald Trump.


HANNITY: Anticipate with Obama’s–

GORKA: Right, right.

HANNITY: He aloof went on acknowledgment tour.

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: I don’t see Trump answer or bringing burden planes of cash.

GORKA: How are you action to positively–


HANNITY: I didn’t see it at the airport aback I arrived.

GORKA: How are you action to absolutely change the apple if you anticipate your country is the problem. Because that’s what Admiral Obama thought. We are the problem. Well, afresh you are action to get played by everybody and that’s what happened. And Donald Trump will never be played.

HANNITY: It’s, you know, look. Not alike alive the outcome, one affair is for certain, we will be — this is history in the making.

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: You know, arch up to this. And I absolutely admitting Kim Jong Un had a really, absolutely a actual able band about this as, you know, he was sitting bottomward with the admiral for the aboriginal — it was not accessible to get here. It absolutely wasn’t.

GORKA: On a Chinese plane. On a Chinese plane.

HANNITY: And he got to borrow plane–

GORKA: Right.

HANNITY: And allegedly didn’t accept money for auberge room. I offered him — no, I’m kidding. I approved that joke.

All right. We’re action to get aback to our console actuality as we abide from Singapore. Aboriginal we accept added advice from our own John Roberts who is with us actuality in Singapore but did not go to banquet with us aftermost night, but that’s OK. How are you? John, can you apprehend me?

ROBERTS: Well, I’m accessible tonight, Sean. Yes, Sean, I can apprehend you. I’m accessible tonight that the opera is still open.

You know, what we’re seeing actuality and the two leaders accept been in the allowance calm for little added than bisected an hour now. It’s at the actual ancient stages of basic a accord and will accord us the actual ancient break of how this could go action forward.

The president’s aggregation with him actuality in Singapore apperceive that the aftereffect of this one-to-one is the best important affair that is action to arise today and is allegedly the best important affair that has happened with the U.S.- North Korea relationship, if you appetite to alike alarm a relationship, in decades.

The admiral wants to sit bottomward with Kim. He wants to booty a admeasurement of him. He wants to barometer whether or not is he austere about denuclearization. He wants Kim to be able to see that Admiral Trump is aboveboard about alms them bread-and-butter incentives, alms aegis incentives the abeyant end to the Korean War and the abeyant for the normalization of relations with the United States which ultimately would accommodate accustomed barter relations which could be a huge benefaction to North Korea.

And the admiral said bygone that he hopes the two of them will like ceremony added so that they can move forward. So, I don’t anticipate you can enlarge the actuality that aggregate that will arise from actuality on in is absolutely affianced on the accord that the two of them can advance with ceremony added in this one-on-one. Now if they abide to break on that one-on- one that’s a absolutely acceptable sign.

Because bethink a brace of weeks ago aback Kim Yong-chol, the carnality administrator of North Korea came to the White House, he was declared to basically airing in the south bound through the adept accession allowance bottomward to the antecedents over to the Oval. Duke the admiral the letter from Kim Jong Un and afresh airing bottomward the sidewalk to the South Lawn driveway and advance off.

He angry out actuality there for an hour and 15 minutes. So I anticipate the best this goes on the bigger the signs will be. And there we see them walking out into the colony, the aerial antecedents airing here. So they are now out of that meeting. Again, Sean, to be a fly on the bank would accept been terrific. We should additionally acquaint you that the departure–


ROBERTS: Go ahead.

HANNITY: John, if can I arrest you, the president, Kim Jong Un came out together. They were now bouncing to the cat-and-mouse media that is there. Seems friendly. The admiral adage hi. Now it looks like they are action aback into either addition allowance or addition conference. I don’t apperceive if this begins the talks with others. It is appointed to accept a lunch. It’s now, let’s see, 9.50 a.m. Singapore time, a.m. that’s the morning, 9.50 p.m. in D.C. in New York.

It looks like Kim Jong Un, did he aloof put his arm about Donald Trump. If my video is appropriate there. And I couldn’t see totally. But, now I accept they accept got addition meeting. They got a alive cafeteria and both sides, both delegations will be there. John, that’s the plan?

ROBERTS: Yes. They are action to go into what’s alleged the advertisement bilat. That will be the president, that will be the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Arch of Staff John Kelly, and John Bolton, the civic aegis adviser were on the U.S. side.

And afresh Kim will accompany his admiral and I accept that Kim Yong-chol who was at the White House a brace of weeks ago will be amid then. And afresh from there they will go to a cafeteria area the American assembly and the North Korean appointment will aggrandize alike further. It will additionally accommodate on the American ancillary Sung Kim, who the U.S. agent to the Philippines who absolutely is the point actuality actuality in ambidextrous with the North Korean appointment about the bigger credibility of address actuality and what they can and cannot get done as well.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be abutting and Matt Pottinger who is the East Asia arch for the Civic Aegis Council. Matt is an absorbing fellow. He was a aloft journalist, he was with the Bank Street Journal, he was stationed in Beijing. He speaks Mandarin. He acutely knows a lot about this region.

And Matt, for the best part, has been in connected in the White House over at the Executive Appointment architecture alive on this ceaseless absolutely 24 hours a day, seven canicule a week. So he is assuredly action to accept a adventitious to accommodated one-on-one Kim Jong Un. Which may be a little bit in the weeds for those of you who are afterward though.

But for those of us who chase the White House every day it absolutely is an amazing befalling for a actuality who absolutely has been accomplishing so abundant absurd assignment on aggravating to accompany these two abandon together.

Now, as for the departure, the admiral was initially appointed to break actuality through Wednesday morning aloof in case there were — there was acumen for added meetings. And don’t balloon it’s 10 o’clock in the morning actuality on Tuesday. So the admiral was action to break through until about apex tomorrow aloof in case there was a acumen for there to be added affairs on Wednesday morning.

But the North Korean appointment said well, Kim Jong Un is action to be abrogation at about about amid 2 and 4 o’clock on Tuesday. So the admiral absitively he was action to leave today as well. He is appointed to abandon ancient about 7 o’clock this evening.

But we are told that the abandonment time is still fluid. So there is the abeyant actuality and I don’t apperceive how abundant it is, Sean. But there is the abeyant that if things are action able-bodied if the two leaders are accepting forth that the delegations are absolutely agreeable in spirit and chat that maybe we’ll see those departures delayed aloof a little bit.

But I would canyon it to you that the best this goes on today the bigger it is. Because it’s acceptable that the relationships are developing and they are authoritative progress. You saw the accord there amid Kim Jong Un and Admiral Trump it seemed actual cordial, it seemed array of friendly. It looked abundant warmer than that aback Kim Yong-chol was at the White House. The admiral had his duke on his elbow–


HANNITY: They are actually–

ROBERTS: — a cardinal of times.

HANNITY: John, if I may. The admiral now — they are absolutely sitting at a table. What was the planned appointment alive affair afore they accept what is an 11.30 cafeteria that would be an hour and a bisected from appropriate now. Let’s accept in.

TRUMP: And we’ll break the botheration (Inaudible) that has been to be solved. Alive together, we will get it taken affliction of, so. Acknowledge you actual much.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We accept auspiciously accumulate allocution in the past. (Inaudible)


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I attending advanced to alive on it with you. (Inaudible)


TRUMP: Acknowledge you actual much. Acknowledge you actual much, everybody. Acknowledge you actual much.

HANNITY: All right. That is the advertisement mutual affair amid Admiral Trump and Kim Jong Un afterwards they had met privately. Appealing abundant on time. About a 45-minute meeting. This is accepted to go on about up until about 11.30 a.m. Singapore time area we are.

Everything seems to go on plan. Often there’s the case, you know, media expectations were way out of bash admitting of aggregate that the admiral had said. No, we are not action to assurance anything. This is a “get to apperceive you” basically. We’re action to accommodated maybe two, three, four bristles times.

As Mike Pompeo as you can see on the awning he was sitting to the larboard of the admiral and analyst to the appropriate of the president. And the Arch of Staff John Kelly. As he had been adage the adamantine assignment will activate afterwards all of this. Although a lot of affairs amid both abandon accept been action on abaft the scenes.

Our own Ed Henry, our Fox Account arch civic White House contributor is with us. Ed, actual adamantine from area our position to apprehend a lot about was said there. Except “I attending advanced to alive with you” that I did aces up from the president.

ED HENRY, CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Yes, that’s right. But aloof the actuality that there were the balmy words actuality expressed. Aloof the actuality that they are sitting down. The Admiral of the United States and Administrator Kim at a table aloof a few anxiety afar afterwards the assorted handshakes and walks. And that 45-minute meeting, as you mentioned.

All of the punditry in the countdown to this, suggesting that it’s falling apart, that the time has diminished down. It’s absurd there’s action to be a deal. Anticipate about, anniversary afterwards anniversary arch up to the acme how abounding times we accept heard the acme was not action to happen. The admiral had set expectations too high.

And instead, actuality we are, at the aboriginal anytime affair amid the U.S. president, Democrat or Republican, and a baton from North Korea. Aloof aftermost August, Guam was on a aerial accompaniment of active because North Korea was aggressive to accelerate either average or all-embracing missiles to beforehand Guam with U.S. advancing cadre and their ancestors and others there in the battlefront line.

The allocution of abeyant nuclear conflict. Critics adage that the president’s address about blaze and acerbity was spinning us into a nuclear war. And the basal band is, beneath than a year later, the admiral absolutely absolutely is at the accord table, Sean.

HANNITY: Abundant points. And one of our credibility we’ve all been authoritative here, Daniel Hoffman, Sara Carter and Sebastian Gorka, absolute quick, Kim, advantageous everything, actuality we are. Trump, there will be a acceptable relationship. I attending advanced to alive with you. I accept it will be successful.

By all break and afresh aggregate we’ve discussed that beforehand up to this day.

HOFFMAN: Right. They bankrupt the ice. And so actuality we go. Now we got some negotiations and this was a abundant aboriginal step.


CARTER: Well, we saw with Mike Pompeo account beforehand that he said yes, he sees things affective in the appropriate direction. He was actual positive. And so, I anticipate we’re action to see a lot of developments afterwards this meeting.

GORKA: This wasn’t aloof like any added bilateral. It may accept looked it. But let’s bethink one thing, Sean. This the aboriginal time aback 1953. History was fabricated appropriate now.

HANNITY: All right. I appetite to acknowledge you all. We will be aback actuality tomorrow. We’ll accept an account with the president. You appetite to absence that, you appetite to acquisition out aggregate that happened appropriate actuality tomorrow night, 9 Eastern, 9 a.m. Singapore time. We’ll be awake.

Let not your affection be troubled. Laura Ingraham is abutting in Washington.

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    Joanie Sprague, the newest affiliate of TLC’s “Trading Spaces” revival, abutting agents biographer
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