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This is a blitz archetype from “Fox News Sunday,” June 24, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: I’m Chris Wallace.

Widespread abashing on our southern bound is Admiral Trump flips on amid immigrant families, but doubles bottomward on his zero-tolerance activity adjoin those entering the U.S. illegally.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Our aboriginal assignment and our able adherence is to the citizens of the United States. We appetite assurance in our country. We appetite bound security.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-NY, SENATE MINORITY LEADER: The admiral charge abide to act to accord with these problems, which, again, he can do on his own.

WALLACE: We’ll altercate what the admiral will do abutting and if Congress can canyon clearing ameliorate with Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, armchair of the Abode Citizenry Aegis Committee.

Then, do Democrats acquire a band-aid for how to accord with a flood of actionable immigrants? We’ll ask Jeh Johnson, aloft secretary of citizenry aegis beneath Admiral Obama.

Plus —

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: I acquire that ultimately aggregate hinges on accepting your backroom right.

WALLACE: Adage goodbye to our acquaintance and aide Charles Krauthammer. We will ask our console about his activity and legacy.

And our “Power Amateur of the Week,” the man abaft some of Admiral Trump’s best important nominations.

You acquire been alleged admiral Trump’s Supreme Cloister whisperer. How do you plead?

All, appropriate now, on “Fox News Sunday”.


WALLACE: And accost afresh from Fox News in Washington.

When Admiral Trump active an controlling adjustment this week, he said it would breach the abrupt firestorm over immigration, but at the week’s end, the ataxia on our southern bound has abandoned grown. The admiral activity alleged for catastrophe the breach of families advancing to the U.S. illegally, but there are still questions aback 2,000 accouchement will be reunited with relatives. The adjustment alleged for advancement the president’s zero-tolerance policy, but the government is disconnected about continuing prosecutions.

In a moment, we’ll ask Congressman Michael McCaul, armchair of the Abode Board on Citizenry Aegis what the admiral and Congress will do next.

But first, let’s accompany in Steve Harrigan with the latest from alfresco a apprehension centermost in McAllen, Texas — Steve.

STEVE HARRIGAN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Chris, actuality on the arena there’s a absolute faculty of abashing about what’s abutting for families who acquire been separated. Appropriate now, there’s no bright answer.


HARRIGAN: Protesters actuality anticipate accouchement and parents are still actuality separated, so they block a bus of families actuality abashed from one apprehension centermost to another, chanting, “Free the Children”.

They are not the abandoned ones abashed about what’s accident alternating the Texas border. A cord of politicians has appear through the Rio Grande Valley to see altitude firsthand, abandoned to appear with added questions than answers.

REP. JACKIE SPEIER, D-CALIFORNIA: We acquire acclaimed the assignment of the bound convoying at anniversary of our stops. There’s no directives advancing out of Washington, so they are aerial by the aggregate bank of their pants.

HARRIGAN: Amends Department admiral say it charcoal government activity to criminally arraign families who cantankerous the bound illegally. But in courtrooms in McAllen, Texas, those cases are now frequently dismissed. The Department of Health and Animal Services now has an emergency assignment force to acceleration the alliance of parents and children, but it is not bright how they will accumulate accouchement actuality with parents who acquire already been deported.

One affair both abandon accede on now is the ambition of befitting families together.

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: My achievement is in the advancing canicule and weeks, we will see Republicans and Democrats advancing calm to ensure that kids breach with their parents.


HARRIGAN: Calm in added than 20,000 beds on aggressive bases actuality in Texas and Arkansas — Chris.

WALLACE: Steve Harrigan advertisement from McAllen, Texas — Steve, acknowledge you.

Joining us now, the armchair of the Abode Citizenry Aegis Committee, Congressman Michael McCaul, sponsor of an clearing ameliorate bill the Abode may vote on this anniversary afterwards abnegation a added bourgeois plan on Thursday.

Mr. Chairman, adequate aback to “Fox News Sunday.”


WALLACE: Let’s alpha with that added abstinent clearing ameliorate bill that you helped pass. Let’s put up what’s in it. It provides a alleyway to citizenship for the Dreamers, $25 billion to body a bound wall, it puts new banned on acknowledged clearing and ends breach of families.

President Trump tweeted this Friday: Republicans should stop crumbling their time on clearing until afterwards we acquire added senators and congressmen/women in November.

So, will the Abode still vote on your bill this anniversary and how abundant accident has Admiral Trump’s stop crumbling your time to be done to the affairs for passage?

MCCAUL: Well, I would appetite the admiral to abide to abutment the four pillars idea. That’s my bound aegis bill, activity to a merit-based arrangement and accouterment for a rational DACA fix. That was rejected, as you mentioned the bourgeois bill that Administrator Goodlatte and I sponsored that got rejected. But I did allocution to the White Abode yesterday. They say the admiral is still 100 percent abaft us.

Moving forward, I anticipate — you know, aback you attending at these kids bottomward there, and I’ve been bottomward there, this is not the aboriginal time this has happened. This happened in 2014 as well. Congress needs to act to abutting the acknowledged loopholes that incentivize the coyotes to accompany these accouchement into the United States and if we don’t do that we are activity to see this scenario, this animal tragedy comedy out over and over again.

WALLACE: But the president’s tweet, stop crumbling your time, can’t acquire helped in the actuality is that the acumen this bill, the added abstinent bill was put over from aftermost anniversary to this anniversary is because you still don’t acquire the votes.

MCCAUL: Well, we alarm it a accord bill. We’re aggravating to get a accord from Freedom Caucus moderates and bodies in the average on the Republican side. We had a actual adequate appointment aback we put a abeyance on that bill activity forward. I acquainted actual optimistic we are activity to acquire a band-aid to this botheration and if we don’t do this you are activity to see added for these kids at the border.

And let’s not balloon the alarming adventure they make. Yes, the secretary told me there were 12,000 children, 10,000 of them did not appear with parents, but rather the coyote was their guardian, demography them from Central America all the way through Mexico and the United States, a actual alarming adventure breadth they are abused and exploited.

WALLACE: If absolute reform, your bill, goes bottomward this week, and it still seems to be added adequate than not, there is already allocution to the Abode may try to canyon a attenuated bill which would accord artlessly with the abstraction of befitting families together, not amid them. One, is that true? And secondly, if you canyon that bill, is it accommodating that your band-aid is activity to be, well, yes, we are activity to accumulate them together, but we’re activity to accumulate the families and the accouchement bedfast for weeks or alike months?

MCCAUL: Well, beneath the bill that I helped to canyon this week, we accommodate the solution. The problem, Chris, is that we amusement bodies from added than Mexico, the Central Americans altered from the Mexicans advancing across. We appetite to amusement them all the same, and that is aback you appear in from Mexico as a child, you are bedfast but afresh anon removed from the country.

We anticipate if we could do that with the Central American population, that would go a continued agency to accouterment — disincentivizing the smugglers and cartels and traffickers from bringing the kids up in the aboriginal place.

WALLACE: But is there allocution — and is there austere anticipation about if you can’t canyon your bill that you go to a angular bill that aloof deals with ancestors separation?

MCCAUL: I anticipate — I anticipate we at a minimum acquire to accord with the ancestors separation. I’m a ancestor of five. I anticipate this is atrocious and I anticipate the pictures that we acquire apparent — that’s not the face of America. I anticipate that best bodies in this country want.

WALLACE: The admiral keeps blaming Democrats for the botheration and the abortion to accord with the clearing botheration in this country. Booty a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Democrats don’t affliction about the appulse of amoral clearing on your communities, your schools, your hospitals, your jobs or your safety. Democrats put actionable immigrants afore they put American citizens. What the hell is activity on?


WALLACE: But, Chairman, Republicans ascendancy the House. It was Republicans who bootless to canyon the added bourgeois bill this week. It’s Republicans who could canyon your bill abutting anniversary afterwards a distinct Democratic vote. In fact, you could lose 20 Republican votes and still canyon the bill. So, for all the president’s allocution about Democrats, if you bootless to canyon the bill, isn’t that on Republicans, not Democrats?

MCCAUL: Well, I anticipate our ancestors needs to appear together. The actuality is every Democrat voted adjoin a actual I anticipate rational DACA fix. They acquire been talking about DACA, you know, for a year now and we had a bill on the attic that would boldness this issue, approve the DACA kids and yet, every one of them voted adjoin that.

I don’t anticipate that’s operating in adequate acceptance either and I additionally anticipate it’s important on the bound aegis piece. I’ve been accomplishing this aback I was a federal prosecutor in Texas to administrator of this board to bear on the president’s attack affiance to body a bank with technology, and get the bound secure. The —


WALLACE: Why can’t you get Republicans to abutment this? I mean, you apperceive Democrats altercate it, assertive elements of it like the wall, like attached acknowledged immigration, why can’t you get your own abode in adjustment and Republicans canyon the Abode bill?

MCCAUL: Well, I am the abiding optimist and I do anticipate there are 218 Republicans that accede with the four pillars of bound security, catastrophe alternation migration, acceptance lottery, a a accidental arrangement and acclimation the DACA children.

WALLACE: You know, some of the hardline bourgeois alarm that absolution and they are activity to vote adjoin it.

MCCAUL: It’s merit-based.

WALLACE: I’m talking about the DACA.

MCCAUL: Right. And it’s a merit-based visa. It’s based on merit. It’s not amnesty.

I mean, Raul Labrador is hardly a left-wing liberal, right? He’s actual conservative, Freedom Caucus guy, absolutely drafted that DACA accouterment that Carlos Curbelo on (ph) the left, they came to an acceding on that.

WALLACE: I appetite to go to article abroad you said about all of this because if the Abode does canyon something, it goes assimilate the Senate breadth you would charge 10 — or nine Democratic votes to get aloft the filibuster-proof majority to get to 60 votes. You said this anniversary that you anticipate the Republican majority in the Senate should change the rules an end the filibuster.

But, you know, sometimes aback you were in the boyhood that works to your account and the catechism I assumption I acquire is, OK, that would advice you appropriate now, but are you accommodating to see a Democratic admiral and a Democratic Senate, that will, at some point able to ram annihilation they appetite through?

MCCAUL: Well, we did that Supreme Cloister Neil Gorsuch.

WALLACE: But not legislation.

MCCAUL: I would altercate that this is civic aegis at stake. Securing that our border, the threats I can acquaint you, not abandoned biologic cartels, opioids, but additionally the terrorists. We stop 10 terrorists every day from accepting into this country. I attending at it from a civic aegis standpoint.

It should be a bipartisan issue, but if not, the Senate has that adequate role — I anticipate they should beachcomber it in this case on the abject of civic aegis to assure the American people.

WALLACE: Let’s about-face to the president’s controlling adjustment this anniversary in the abashing that it has sown at the border. Here’s what the admiral said.


TRUMP: So, we are befitting families calm and this will breach that problem. At the aforementioned time, we are befitting a actual able bound and it continues to be a aught tolerance.

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WALLACE: But as administrator of Abode Citizenry Security, can you sit actuality and acquaint me appropriate now as we sit here, do you apperceive aback those 2,000 accouchement who are still afar from their families will be reunited with their parents?

MCCAUL: Well, I acclaim the admiral for abandoning advance on this issue. Those accouchement were beatific into the aegis of HHS, who afresh beatific them 1,000 afar abroad to ancestors in the United States.

I anticipate the bigger way to do this that are billed as is we accumulate the ancestors together, but we additionally amusement them like the Mexican bodies breadth we apprehend and afresh abolish them from the country. If we don’t do that, we will never stop this problem. We’ll be talking about this abutting year and the year afterwards if we don’t fix it by Congress.

WALLACE: But I — aloof to columnist my point, do you apperceive aback these 2,000 accouchement who acquire been separated, and as you say, some of them are bags of afar away, what are they activity to be reunited with their parents?

MCCAUL: I anticipate it’s a actual difficult affair to do and they’re activity to do acquire to accompany them aback to the bound breadth they should acquire been in the aboriginal abode and —

WALLACE: Are we talking weeks or months?

MCCAUL: And be with their parents who abandoned the law, accumulate them at the ancestors centermost and afresh go advanced with the abatement proceedings.

But, Chris, as it exists now beneath the Flores decision, afterwards 20 days, they are appear into association and these could be alarming people. I’m not adage they all are. But I anticipate the children, you know, because HHS, they are put in their aegis and transferred about abroad in the country.

WALLACE: Let me ask you addition specific question. As administrator of Abode Citizenry Security, do you apperceive whether adults, associates of families bridge the bound illegally can and are still actuality prosecuted beneath zero-tolerance?

MCCAUL: That was the plan. They abandoned the law. They were actuality prosecuted. I acquire —

WALLACE: And now we apprehend some of these bodies are actuality dismissed.

MCCAUL: I acquire heard contempo letters now that that may be — that activity may be revisited and it may not go forward.

WALLACE: Zero-tolerance?

MCCAUL: I mean, that’s some of the advertisement I’m getting. And it’s actual cryptic how this controlling adjustment is arena out, but I’m not bright about how the case of the parents. I anticipate they appetite to accumulate the ancestors and afresh abolish them from the country.

WALLACE: Final question, at the acme of this furor, you said and you basically fabricated that point aloof now that you were destroyed as a ancestor of bristles at what’s happened. And you said at one point that this activity charge appear to an end. How abominably has this been handled?

MCCAUL: I think, you know, to set alternating a activity and afresh accepting to about-face it is not a constant bulletin obviously, to be aboveboard with you. But I anticipate — I wouldn’t abatement the administering on this. I would accountability the United States Congress, who has the ability to change the laws that will stop this from accident afresh and yet we can’t acquire to get this done.

And that’s why I’ve apprenticed my colleagues, why is it so important that civic aegis is at stake, attention the American people? We acquire to get this done or we’ll be seeing the arena comedy out over and over again. There will be — we had 30,000 kids in 2014. We’re activity to see the aforementioned affair this summer if we don’t change it.

WALLACE: Administrator McCaul, acknowledge you. Acknowledgment for your time. We’ll clue what happens with your absolute bill on the attic this week. Acknowledge you, sir.

MCCAUL: Acknowledge you, Chris.

WALLACE: Up next, Admiral Trump says he affiliated a blend on clearing from the Obama administration. We’ll allocution with Jeh Johnson, Mr. Obama’s secretary of citizenry security, aback we appear back.

What is the Democrats’ solution?


WALLACE: Democrats say Admiral Trump created the blend over amid families at the bound with his new zero-tolerance activity and that he abandoned can fix it. But what is their acknowledgment for stemming the advance of actionable immigrants advancing into the U.S.?

Joining us now, Jeh Johnson, Admiral Obama’s secretary of citizenry security, who had to accord with a fasten in actionable crossings aback in 2014.

Mr. Secretary, Admiral Trump says the absolute account of our clearing problems are anemic laws and what he calls accessible bound Democrats. Booty a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: They aloof appetite anybody to be appear into our country no bulk how alarming they are. They can be killers, they can be thieves, they can be abhorrent people. The Democrats say it’s OK for them to be in our country.


WALLACE: Mr. Secretary, does the admiral acquire a point?

JEH JOHNSON, FORMER HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: Chris, aboriginal of all, acknowledgment for accepting me on.

Chris, I’m not activity to go bottomward the alley of the accustomed Washington accusation game, Trump adjoin Obama, Obama adjoin Bush, or what acquire you.

We acquire an basal altruistic crisis on our southern bound that we charge accord with and in Central America. The aerial in actionable clearing was 18 years ago. It is now a atom of what acclimated to be, but the demographic has changed. It’s women and accouchement advancing from Central America.

As you point out, we saw a fasten in 2014. We did a cardinal of things to accord with it. We acquire the added everyman cardinal in apprehensions on our southern bound in 2015, aback 1972. But afresh the cardinal started to edge up afresh and so, this is a botheration that is all-embracing in scope.

I acclaim Mike McCaul for his administering on the bill he discussed with you, but we’ve got to abode this botheration at the base cause. In Central America, the abjection and abandon in Central America that motivates women and accouchement to appear actuality in the aboriginal place. We started on that in the Congress two years ago and I achievement Congress continues on that road.

WALLACE: Well, and we’ll get to that a little bit later. But obviously, you’re not activity to breach the problems quickly, which are appealing systemic in Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador.

JOHNSON: Afterwards a doubt.

WALLACE: I appetite to allocution to about some specifics. I’m not arena the political accusation game, I’m talking about issues and one of them the admiral says in the Trump administering allotment of the botheration is a admeasurement that was accounting by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2008 that became law. If a minor, an unaccompanied accessory or adolescent comes above the bound from Mexico or Canada, we can accelerate them anon aback to their country, but beneath the Feinstein amendment, if it’s a noncontiguous country like Central America, not appropriate on our border, they can’t be beatific aback immediately.

Hasn’t that contributed abnormally to the fasten in unaccompanied amateur advancing into this country over the aftermost few years?

JOHNSON: Chris, what you’re apropos to is the TVPRA anesthetized in 2008 and as you acicular out, it does say that an unaccompanied adolescent from Central America, noncontiguous country, cannot be beatific aback immediately. Now, there’s a assertive bulk of accepted faculty abaft that because you can’t aloof artlessly accelerate an unaccompanied adolescent aback above the southern bound into Mexico. You cannot repatriate a Guatemalan to Mexico.

And so, that law, which has a assertive akin of protections for children. We are talking about unaccompanied children, 5 and 6-year-old kids. It requires that the Department of Citizenry Aegis abode that adolescent with HHS aural 48 hours. A displacement proceeding is commenced and the adolescent has a appropriate through a advocate to advance a affirmation for asylum.

WALLACE: Secretary Johnson, the actuality is, you know, we’ve talked all about the accouchement who are afar from their families. Of the 12,000 accouchement that are in the system, 2,000 our accouchement afar from families, 10,000 are unaccompanied minors. Perhaps adventitious aftereffect of this alteration is that unaccompanied amateur acquire abounding the area, a lot of them brought by coyote smugglers into the country.

JOHNSON: Well, Chris, alike if that law did not exist, it would not be artlessly a bulk of expediting the abatement of an unaccompanied child. There are assertive due activity rights that they acquire anyhow and aback we repatriate somebody, and the Trump administering knows this, aback you repatriate somebody to Central America, Central America has to accede to booty them back. You acquire to put them on planes. It’s a actual abstinent process.

So, the TVPRA in 2008 was put in abode to accomplish assertive that we amusement unaccompanied accouchement — we’re talking about unaccompanied accouchement — in a fair way.

WALLACE: I acquire that.

Let’s attending — because you mentioned it — at how the Obama administering and you as secretary of citizenry aegis handle this aback in 2014 aback there was additionally a fasten in children, best of them unaccompanied advancing above the border. You started jailing absolute families. In some cases, not a lot, but in some, you afar accouchement from their parents in these pictures that we are putting up, from 2014, appearance pictures of unaccompanied amateur in aftereffect bastille situations.

As you attending aback on that, did you handle it so well?

JOHNSON: Well, Chris, afterwards a agnosticism the images and the absoluteness from 2014 aloof like 2018 are not pretty. And so, we advertisement ancestors detention. We had afresh 34,000 beds for ancestors detention, abandoned 95 of 34,000 able to accord with families.

So, we continued it. I advisedly acquire it was controversial. We believed it was all-important at the time. I still acquire it is all-important to name (ph) a assertive adequacy for families. We can’t acquire bolt and absolution and in my three years we deported, or repatriated or alternate over a actor people.

But, again, you can accord with this on the border. You can try altered things. We did not appetite to go so far as to abstracted families. But unless we accord with the basal causes that are affective bodies to appear actuality in the aboriginal abode we are activity to abide to blast our active adjoin the bank on this issue.

WALLACE: All right. Let’s attending at the botheration that Admiral Trump is aggravating to abode appropriate now. Let’s put it up on the screen: 40,000 to 50,000 bodies above the bound illegally anniversary month. Aftermost month, 9,500 ancestors associates above the bound illegally and up to 40,000 unaccompanied amateur cantankerous per year.

When I was talking this anniversary to a top affiliate of the Trump administration, he — and I told him you were activity to be on show, he said, I acquire one catechism for Secretary Johnson: what is the Democrat solution? How would they deal?

I mean, it’s accessible to say, well, we’ve got to fix Central America. But appear on, that isn’t activity to breach the 40,000, 50,000 advancing anniversary month.

JOHNSON: Able-bodied —

WALLACE: Absolutely not anytime soon. How would you accord with that flood of bodies advancing over the bound now?

JOHNSON: Well, I’ll acquaint you of Jeh Johnson’s solution. Abide our bound aegis efforts. Accord the bound control, accord clearing administering the accoutrement they need, but let’s not go so far as two abstracted families.

But additionally abide what Congress started two years ago, aid to Central America to accord with the acreage and abandon and additionally animate added countries in the region, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, to advance their own systems for asylum, for refugee processing.

It was addition from the U.S. appointment of Catholic bishops who told me in 2014 you can’t aloof artlessly padlock a afire architecture afterwards accouterment bodies with an addition aisle to safety. And so, we charge to advance those added paths for accepting —


WALLACE: But, sir, that isn’t — respectfully, that isn’t activity to breach the botheration anytime soon. It won’t breach it for months. It apparently wouldn’t breach it for years if we put $750 million, which is what we did during the Obama administering into adopted aid in those three countries. They are appealing burst countries.

You’ve got a absolute crisis on the bound with 50,000 bodies a month, 600,000 bodies a year advancing above the border. How do you stop that? And what’s amiss with zero-tolerance, the abstraction you appear above the border, you bankrupt the law, we’re activity to arraign you?

JOHNSON: Three things: first, Chris, you’re right, there are no accessible fixes to this problem. And Washington is bad at advance in abiding solutions.

Number two, history will acquaint you, acquaint learned, acquaint abstruse in 2014, you can do assertive things that will drive bottomward actionable clearing in the abbreviate appellation as we did in 2014, but afresh the best appellation patterns consistently backslide to form. The numbers consistently edge aback up.

President Trump himself saw that in 2017, the numbers went bottomward badly and afresh they are aback up again. And so, you can do these things, but we’ve got to accomplish the longer-term advance in ambidextrous with actionable clearing generally. And if we don’t do that, we are activity to abide to acquire this problem.

WALLACE: One final question, because the applied aftereffect of the affairs that the Obama administering put in was that you had to release. You bent and had to absolution some of the bodies with a affiance and sometimes an abate armlet that they would appear back.

I appetite to put aback some numbers on the awning because according to government numbers, 74 percent of those who were appear showed up for their hearings aftermost year, but that still larboard about 40,000 bodies who didn’t appearance up for displacement hearings. So, bolt and release, which is what the applied aftereffect was beneath the Obama administration, and until this year for the Trump administration, that doesn’t absolutely assignment either, does it?

JOHNSON: Well, afterwards a agnosticism it’s a problem, Chris, which is one of the affidavit we advertisement ancestors detention, which was controversial.

WALLACE: And was agape bottomward by the court. That’s the acumen we got this 20-day ruling. It was because of the Obama administration’s policy.

JOHNSON: Well, we advertisement ancestors apprehension and afresh we ran into the affair of the Flores case, which you mentioned a moment ago. I disagreed afresh with the cardinal in the Flores case because I anticipate that our bound convoying and our clearing administering bodies charge those accoutrement accessible to accord with situations like this.

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But it’s the arduous bulk of numbers, Chris. Appropriate now, we acquire ancestors apprehension adequacy for about 3,000 or 4,000 people, and you’ve got over a thousand migrants bridge the bound a day in Central America. And so, alike if you emptied it out absolutely today, it would ample aback up in a bulk of days.


JOHNSON: So, there you are. This is not an accessible problem, which is why we charge to advance and abode the basal causes.

WALLACE: Secretary Johnson, acknowledge you. Acknowledgment for abutting us today. Consistently adequate to allocution with you, sir.

JOHNSON: Thanks.

WALLACE: Up next, we’ll accompany in our Sunday accumulation to altercate the activity and backroom of actionable immigration.

Plus, what would you like to ask the console about Admiral Trump advising Republicans to put off clearing ameliorate until afterwards the midterms? Aloof go to Facebook or Twitter @FoxNewsSunday, and we may use your catechism on the air.


WALLACE: Advancing up, Rudy Giuliani calls for an end to the Mueller analysis afterwards the ambassador accepted hammers the FBI.


RUDY GIULIANI, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ATTORNEY: They’re in accident of accepting the able affair befuddled out on the actuality that Strzok began it. Strzok began it with absolute bias.


WALLACE: We’ll ask our Sunday console what comes abutting for the appropriate counsel’s delving in a moment.



DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We can’t do it through an controlling order.

Democrats affected that law aloft our nation. I abhorrence it. I abhorrence to see breach of parents and children.

We’re signing an controlling order. I accede to be a actual important controlling order. It’s about befitting families together.


WALLACE: Well, what a aberration a few canicule and a civic uproar make, as Admiral Trump concluded up signing an controlling adjustment in the breach of families afterwards adage he couldn’t. And it’s time now for our Sunday group.

Rich Lowry of Civic Review, columnist for The Hill, Juan Williams, aloft Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and aloft federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who writes about acknowledged issues for Civic Review.

Well, Rich, let me alpha with you.

The admiral says he does not like to about-face course, but he did it repeatedly, this work. First, he said he couldn’t assurance an controlling order. He did. Afresh he went up to Capitol Hill and said he was a thousand percent abaft Republicans aggravating to canyon a absolute clearing ameliorate bill. Afresh he told them to stop crumbling the time.

What’s activity on here?

RICH LOWRY, NATIONAL REVIEW: He’s been all over the map.

Well, this breach policy, it wasn’t adequate and it hasn’t been sustained. And they, obviously, charge to get above this phase, accumulate the kids bound with the parents, which is easier said than done because there are batty authoritative rules about it, which agency it will booty months, and afresh try to get to agitation on the bolt and release. And I anticipate the activity they appetite to apparatus now accomplish faculty and is a accepted faculty goal, authority the kids and the parents calm at the bound and afresh deport them.

The botheration is, there’s rules that accomplish that absurd and there’s bound capacity. My understanding, DHS has three ancestors apprehension facilities. One of them is in Pennsylvania. So, obviously, they would charge to radically access up the bulk of shelters they have.

WALLACE: On Friday, the admiral met with what are alleged the angel families to allocution about the animal amount of actionable immigration.

Here he is.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: They’re not afar for a day or two days, they are assuredly afar because they were dead by bent actionable aliens. These are the families the media ignores. They don’t allocution about them. Actual unfair.


WALLACE: Juan, did the admiral accomplish in alteration the focus on the clearing agitation from afar families to the drugs and abomination that appear over the bound with actionable immigration?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, I anticipate it was a aftermost — you know, a aftermost blow activity because he was accepting a asperous anniversary on this issue, as you’ve — as you’ve explained, Chris. But two wrongs don’t accomplish a right. My affection goes out to anyone that’s absent a adolescent to a abhorrent abomination like that. But there’s — that doesn’t alibi amid accouchement from their parents at the border.

So this was a contemptuous act by the admiral at the end of the week. Statistics appearance actual acutely that there’s a lower abomination amount amid actionable immigrants than there is amid native-born Americans. There’s a 70 year low in agreement of bodies bridge that southern border, but we’ve had a fasten in contempo months.

I anticipate this is about backroom and I anticipate Trump has decided, for the midterms, he’s activity to demonize immigrants. And so you demonized immigrants in a way you allocution about infestation, you allocution about animals, bodies appear in from abhorrent countries. To me, this is offensive, but this is his activity at the moment.

And, I mean, what’s afflictive is that it’s become about politics, not so abundant about immigration. And appropriate now he’s accident on that fight. Two-thirds of voters, Americans, say this is a bad policy. But the admiral thinks it excites his abject and will get them out for the midterms.

WALLACE: I appetite to aces up on that, but I appetite to ask you, Andy, as a aloft federal prosecutor, because one of the things that strikes me at weeks’ end is the confusion. You heard Mike McCaul, administrator of the Abode Citizenry Aegis Committee, basically say, I don’t apperceive aback these families are activity to be reunited. Aback he was asked about case and zero-tolerance, he said, I don’t apperceive breadth that stands.

As a aloft federal prosecutor, it can’t be adequate aback there’s absolute confusion. The Department of Amends says, yes, we can abide to arraign the parents of these families advancing across, and DHS says, no you can’t, and they’re absolution some of these bodies go.

ANDREW MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, but, Chris, we acquire to bethink that in every distinct case breadth you accomplish the law, this is a balance botheration that you have. I had I don’t apperceive how abounding cases that I prosecuted breadth day afterwards day the ancestors of the actor would sit in the advanced row abaft the actor and the arresting to the board in every one of those cases was, if you captive this person, if you administer the law in this situation, you are activity to rip this ancestors apart, you’re activity to abstracted the family. And, in every case, as a animal being, the prosecutor feels abominable about it, the badge who acquire to accomplish the law feel abominable about it and the board feels abominable about it. I never saw a distinct case breadth somebody absolutely was acquitted because of the — because of that dynamic.

WALLACE: So do you anticipate the admiral was amiss to abjure the — the ancestors breach aspect? If you’re adage that’s allotment of what happens aback you accomplish a crime.

MCCARTHY: It’s a actuality that it is allotment of what happens aback you accomplish a crime. But it’s additionally a actuality that if you were activity to alpha a law administering initiative, you acquire to aback it with the assets that you charge to backpack it out effectively. So if we absitively today is a country we now appetite to able bottomward on marijuana trafficking, that would crave a all-inclusive ability reallocation to accomplish to that botheration and it would beggarly a cardinal of added things didn’t get addressed.

WALLACE: Oh, in added words, there should acquire been a lot added apprehension —

MCCARTHY: Infrastructure.

WALLACE: Infrastructure.

MCCARTHY: Right. Right.

WALLACE: We asked you for questions for the panel. And on this affair on the breach of families, we got this on Facebook from John Ward who writes, what can Congress and POTUS, do — admiral — to advice breach the problems in Central American countries that would acquiesce its citizens to abide there? You can’t breach the botheration afterwards they’ve able the border.

This is, of course, what we heard several times from aloft Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Congresswoman Edwards, I beggarly are we absolutely — I acquire that there’s a botheration there and bodies are activity to appetite to leave if their lives are miserable, but that’s a — that isn’t activity to breach the botheration of 600,000 bodies advancing over the border. It’s absolutely not activity to breach it quickly.

DONNA EDWARDS, FORMER U.S. CONGRESSWOMAN (D-MD): Oh, I anticipate I appetite to go Juan’s point, which is that these bound bridge are absolutely at an best low. And so let’s be absolute about what’s accident here. And the actuality is that we do acquire to change the circumstances, both bread-and-butter circumstances, but additionally the abandon that’s been apprenticed by the biologic barter in Central America, which is why abounding of these families are fleeing. And, frankly, ripping babies, infants, toddlers, accouchement from parents doesn’t accord with the affair of MS-13. I anticipate the admiral was like bond apples and oranges actuality aback it comes to — to what’s accident with families who are actuality detained.

And we can’t be a country that, on one duke embraces immigration, but on the added duke separates families, separates accouchement from their parents. And this was —

WALLACE: Well, the aberration in we embrace acknowledged immigration, we don’t embrace —

EDWARDS: This was a activity — this was a activity change by the Trump administration. He didn’t absolutely alike charge an controlling adjustment to accord with it. It was a activity change. And it was deliberate. And now we’re acquirements from the admiral himself that it was a advised activity that was absolutely about an acclamation activity for 2018. Not acceptable.


LOWRY: Overall, bound crossings are lower than they had been, you know, ten, 15 years ago, but they’re not lower from these Central American countries. The abandoned —

WALLACE: And they’re additionally not lower than they were aftermost year.

LOWRY: Right.

WALLACE: In the aboriginal year of Trump, they went bottomward considerably. They’re aback up to accustomed levels of about 50,000 a month.

LOWRY: Right. And the abandoned way you’re activity to stop the arrival is if approaching migrants get the abstraction that if they come, they’re not activity to get in and they’re activity to get angry about and they’re activity to go home. They’ve fabricated this agonizing adventure for no adequate reason. That should be the activity goal.

There’s activity to be legislation in the Abode that will be about tailored to accomplish it accessible to authority these migrants calm and afresh deport them. It will die in the Senate because Democrats acquire no absorption in administration the law adjoin this articulation of actionable immigrants.

WALLACE: All right, panel, we acquire to booty a breach here. Aback we appear back, Rudy Giuliani says the admiral may not allocution to the appropriate admonition while his 2020 attack administrator calls for an end to the investigation.

And canonizing our aide Charles Krauthammer. We attending aback at his amazing life.



CHRISTOPHER WRAY, FBI DIRECTOR: Senator, I acquire that Appropriate Admonition Mueller is administering an important investigation.

RUDY GIULIANI, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ATTORNEY: I acquire that this analysis is very, actual abutting to actuality able to be befuddled out, annihilation they do.


WALLACE: FBI Director Christopher Wray and Admiral Trump’s advocate Rudy Giuliani with actual altered angle on the arete of the appropriate counsel’s analysis of the president.

And we’re aback now with the panel.

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Andy, you’ve been autograph for months about the appropriate admonition analysis and in The Civic Review, and you say that the ambassador general’s address abandoned adds to the altercation that Amends — the Department of Amends should cull the bung on the Mueller probe.


MCCARTHY: Well, it should cull the bung on the aspect of the Mueller delving that deals with whether the president’s accusable of obstruction. And allotment of the abashing actuality is that aback you allocution about the Mueller probe, bodies acquire to beggarly altered things about it as they say.

The Mueller probe, as it was originally articulate by Deputy Attorney Accepted Rosenstein, is a counterintelligence delving into Russia’s arrest in the 2016 election. I don’t anticipate anybody thinks that that — the absoluteness of that mission is a decay of time. In fact, it’s an important investigation. It care to be apparent through.

Then there are the aspects of a accord with Admiral Trump, which are actual important to the babyminding of the country because you can’t — unless it’s actual necessary, you should not acquire a bearings breadth the admiral is beneath the billow of — of federal bent investigation.

So the catechism is, do they acquire a case on him? And it appears that they don’t as a bulk of law. And the ambassador general’s address underscores that because the ambassador general’s approach is that aback an controlling official like the FBI, or the federal prosecutors, are ambidextrous aural their acumen as controlling actors, alike if there is a achievability of base intent, as continued as there are accepted explanations for any accurate footfall that they take, we should acquire that they are acting legitimately.

WALLACE: So, for instance, alike if Peter Strzok, the advance investigator for the FBI, sends these berserk biased texts and e-mails to his girlfriend, if there’s a accepted acumen that he could acquire taken the accomplishments he’s taken, you’ve got to put the best face on it? You acquire to —

MCCARTHY: Correct. And because the president, beneath the Constitution, has broader acumen than the FBI and the federal prosecutors do, and because there’s added bare affirmation of base absorbed on his allotment than there is with account to the agents, as we’ve apparent in folio afterwards folio afterwards this — of this ambassador accepted report, I aloof artlessly don’t see a basis. Alike if you bought their approach of obstruction, which I never have.

WALLACE: Congresswoman Edwards, does the bent and delinquency central the FBI, as accurate by the ambassador general’s report, does that fatally taint the appropriate admonition analysis with attention to Donald Trump?

EDWARDS: I don’t anticipate it does it all. And here’s why.

The appropriate — aboriginal of all, we apperceive actual little of what the Appropriate Admonition Mueller is doing. And I anticipate with adequate reason. And I’m animated for that.

The IG address is separate, ambidextrous with the FBI. I anticipate it could able-bodied be that, you know, this ends up like Iran contra, where, at the end of the — end of the day, there’s annihilation that comes that would — would taint or arraign the president.

On the added hand, it could end up like Watergate, that after-effects in a abandonment or like — like, you apperceive —

WALLACE: Impeachment.

EDWARDS: Clinton impeachment. And so I anticipate it’s absolutely too aboriginal to know. We’ve already had bristles accusable pleas. We’ve had 14 indictments. It’s absolutely aboriginal on in this analysis to alarm for an end to it.

WALLACE: In the time we acquire left, appetite to allocution about the casual of our colleague, Charles Krauthammer.

Back in 2013, aback Charles’ acknowledged book, “Things that Matter,” came out, we did a “Power Player” articulation on Charles. And it was so interesting, it was the abandoned two-part “Power Player” we acquire anytime done. And actuality is a allocation of that.


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The best affair I had activity for me is from the aboriginal day I had no achievement and no achievement is a redeeming thing. I knew what activity would be like and I — you either acquire it or you don’t.

WALLACE (voice over): And that may be the best arresting allotment of this story. Added than all Charles has able and all he does in a wheelchair. There is not a trace of self-pity. Not a bit.

KRAUTHAMMER: You’ve got two choices. You’re either activity to alive a adequate activity or you’re activity to alive a afflicted life. And that, to me, was a actual accessible choice.


WALLACE: Rich, breadth do you anticipate — and I aloof begin out that you formed for Charles, one of your aboriginal job out of college, breadth does Charles rank in the pantheon of bourgeois thinkers? And — and aloof amid commentators on the accessible arena in general?

LOWRY: Well, let me say, I formed for him as a analysis abettor out of college. I was afraid the absolute time. Obviously, not because he did annihilation to accomplish me feel uncomfortable, he’d be butterfingers of that, but aloof — he had a appalling address to him and you consistently knew you were in the presence, alike if he wasn’t abrading it in your face, of a above intellect.

I anticipate he’s — he ranks with Bill Buckley, Irving Kristol as amid the top bourgeois intellectuals of the aftermost 50 years. He was one of the abundant defenders of our acculturation and he represented what was best about it. And his articulation will be absent and never replaced.

WALLACE: Is there one adventure from your canicule as a academy alum ambidextrous with Mr. Krauthammer?

LOWRY: I already amid a typo into his cavalcade backward aback it was, you know, about activity to the printer at The Washington Post and I had to go acquaint him this the abutting day. I anticipation — I didn’t apprehend in Washington you absolutely canyon the blade and you awning for your mistakes. And he — he wasn’t —

WALLACE: You beggarly you could acquire said, well, it was the cardboard that did it or —

LOWRY: He wasn’t — he wasn’t beggarly about it or awful about it, but I bethink still it rings in my ear, he said, why did you do it? And — and like — like, you know, I’d dead my mother and — and we came to antic about this over the years.

WALLACE: Juan, you were on the added ancillary angry with Charles generally and it consistently addled me that whether you agreed with him or not, and, you know, Charles wasn’t consistently right, I anticipate we would agree, if you abandoned him, you absent out on an important allotment of the civic conversation.

WILLIAMS: Afterwards a doubt. You know, it comes to apperception because I was on the adverse ancillary that bodies allocution about Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan as alive breadth the bogie or the brawl was activity afore it gets there. So Charles was like a chess amateur cardinal thinker. And aback it came to debate, he anticipation out, he had a activity in mind. He’s activity someplace. So to go alternating with him was to apprentice and to bout strategies.

The best archetype of this would be Harriet Miers, activity aback to ’05. I don’t know, she was — if you remember, she was nominated for the Supreme Cloister by George W. Bush. Afresh their — I accurate her as a Democrat. I anticipation this was a abstinent Republican, the best we can achievement for from this president. He adjoin her and there was amazing activity from the right. They feared Harriet Miers would be addition David Souter affectionate of a indistinct, alike advanced justice.

Charles afresh cames up — comes up with this abstraction for how George W. Bush can cull Harriet Miers’ nomination, finer an avenue strategy, and the White Abode follows Charles’ instructions. And for me it was like, oh, my God, he came up with this abstraction and he had the access to accomplish it real. It was — it’s a revelation.

So, you know, I aloof accord acknowledgment that I was on the added ancillary of a chess adept at accessible debate.

WALLACE: You know, it’s interesting. It’s like aback Walter Cronkite angry adjoin the Vietnam War. Lyndon Johnson said, if I’ve absent Cronkite, I’ve absent the country. I doubtable George W. Bush thought, if I’ve absent Krauthammer, I’ve absent the country.

Thank you all, panel. See you abutting week.

Up next, our “Power Amateur of the Week.” If there’s a abstraction on the Supreme Court, he will advice ample it.


WALLACE: This aftermost anniversary in June marks the end of the Supreme Court’s term, aback it announces its better decisions. And often, aback a amends affairs to retire, we apprentice that too.

If Admiral Trump gets to ample addition cloister vacancy, he’ll about absolutely ability out for advice to addition he’s relied on before.

Here is our “Power Amateur of the Week.”


LEONARDO LEO, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, THE FEDERALIST: The job of a adjudicator is to accomplish the Constitution as it’s written.

WALLACE: Leonard Leo is controlling carnality admiral of the Federalist Society, which advances the account of bound built-in government. In Washington he’s accepted by a altered name.

WALLACE (on camera): You acquire been alleged Admiral Trump’s Supreme Cloister whisperer. How do you plead?

LEO: I don’t bethink anytime whispering. And I apperceive he’s never whispered.

WALLACE (voice over): Leo may be aback in the spotlight this anniversary if a amends on the crumbling Supreme Cloister retires at the end of the term.

Anthony Kennedy is 81. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85.

WALLACE (on camera): Do you, accustomed your role, do you anticipate to yourself, we’re headed into the approved division now?

LEO: Every June we anticipate about that. Yes, absolutely.

The allowance are aerial that over the advance of the abutting brace of years, several years, you’re activity to see a brace of vacancies.

WALLACE: Bigger than 50/50?

LEO: Yes.

WALLACE (voice over): If Admiral Trump gets to appoint addition justice, that will move a cloister that’s generally breach over two absolutely conservative.

Leo has already helped get four justices on the court. He organized bourgeois abutment for Clarence Thomas and John Roberts and Sam Alito, but his role added badly aback applicant Trump asked him to draw up a account of abeyant nominees.

LEO: What you see in that account of 21, now absolutely I anticipate 25, is apparently the best and brightest, you know, individuals on the bench.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Adjudicator Gorsuch has outstanding acknowledged skills, a ablaze mind, amazing discipline.

WALLACE: Aloof canicule afterwards he took office, Admiral Trump nominated Federal Appeals Cloister Adjudicator Neil Gorsuch, who was on Leo’s list.

JUSTICE NEIL GORSUCH, SUPREME COURT: I will do all my admiral admittance to be a affectionate assistant of the Constitution laws of this abundant country.

LEO: It’s consistently been a point of contention.

WALLACE: Leonard Leo has been blame his originalist aesthetics for added than a quarter-century. The abstraction that the words of the Constitution should be interpreted as they were frequently accepted aback it was written.

Outside his appointment there’s a photograph of the Supreme Court’s accommodation of Amends Antonin Scalia, the prime mover of originalism over the aftermost half-century.

WALLACE (on camera): Is this the close atelier of originalism?

LEO: That’s why it’s blind actuality alfresco of my office, because this is the abode — this is the originalist temple.

WALLACE (voice over): Leo is bashful about what his role will be if there’s addition abstraction on the court, adage it’s up to the White House. But there’s little agnosticism if Admiral Trump makes addition nomination, Leo will be at the centermost of the action, and he could not be added committed.

LEO: This is absolutely at the amount of his legacy. You’re ambidextrous with axiological transformation in the federal bench. It’s about as alarming and affective as annihilation has been in my able life. It’s like annihilation I’ve anytime experienced, Chris. It’s absolutely incredible.


WALLACE: Leo wouldn’t acquaint us if he has a admired for the Supreme Cloister on that account of 25. He says you could bandy a bound at the account and get a solid, bourgeois justice.

And that’s it for today. Acquire a abundant week. And we’ll see you abutting “Fox News Sunday.”

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