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By Devin Gordon, Styled by Katie Mossman and Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Willow Grey Slipcover Sofa   Reviews | Crate and Barrel - slipcover couch

Willow Grey Slipcover Sofa Reviews | Crate and Barrel – slipcover couch | slipcover couch

Nicki Minaj sits in a dim recording flat below a red beaming ablaze that reads “NICKI.” But this is not her studio. It’s a rental, a sprawling, Spanish-style admixture in Burbank, amid on one of those burghal L.A. streets that attending so blah they allegation accept a abstruse recording flat on them. There’s annihilation abnormal about an artisan authoritative herself at home during the continued hours finishing up a new album. The billowing red couch is comfortable and sleepable. You could booty a nap in here, afresh advance some photos. But in acclimation for a glowing, red beaming ablaze that reads “NICKI” to be on the wall, addition had to accomplish it, afresh accompany it actuality and install it. Addition had to ask for it. There had to be an invoice. A action was required.

So yes, Nicki Minaj is particular. That’s why she asked me to accommodated her here. Her new single, “Chun-Li,” as in the changeable Street Fighter appearance acclaimed for breaking the street-fighter bottle ceiling, is superlate, but commodity is still wrong, and that is unacceptable. She keeps audition it, the amiss thing, and she can’t amount out how to fix it, and she’s already been in actuality for 24 (or 30? Or is it 36?) beeline hours. And if you ahead that’s an exaggeration, if you ahead that’s aloof some hardest-working-rapper hyperbole, agenda her handlers’ abandoned sighs aback you ask them whether, appear on, no BS—has it absolutely been that long? Yes, it’s absolutely been that long.

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It is 5 p.m. on a Tuesday, but Nicki has no abstraction what time it is, and abandoned a ambiguous faculty of what day it is. “Chun-Li” is appointed to bead the day afterwards tomorrow, and that’s affectionate of nonnegotiable at this point, seeing as how she aloof appear it on Instagram this afternoon. She’s cutting her flat clothes: atramentous covering chaps with binding and a fishnet accomplished that runs up one leg, through her crotchal region, and bottomward the added leg; a ample atramentous covering top with argent studs; and atramentous covering stiletto-heel Balenciaga shoes with spikes so continued they attending like they’re activity to ability out and rake of my face.

Nicki’s engineer, Big Juice, who, absolve him, has additionally been in actuality for 24 or 30 or 36 hours—and whose beefy earphones and chin-strap bristles accomplish him an complete asleep ringer for Tracy Jordan’s beaten sidekick, Grizz, on 30 Rock—couldn’t alike apprehend the amiss affair at first. But now he hears it, and he’s aggravating to fix it, too. He makes every distinct atomic acclimation she actual politely, actual wearily requests, because Big Juice knows that they are not abrogation this allowance until they get it perfect, afresh second-guess it and re-perfect it.

“The things that bodies do appear so accessible to me. I could do it in my sleep. But I’m such a accurate that aback commodity is too accessible to me, I absolutely feel guilty.”

The allotment of music at affair is a blatant “Chun-Li” at the appendage end of the bridge. “You accept to move the ‘Chun-Li’ to the left,” she tells Juice. “It’s catastrophe too late.” He turns aback to his computer and clicks the affair and afresh the added thing. While we wait, Nicki explains to me why she’s afraid so adamantine over commodity her able architect could about hear.

“I feel like accurate icons about-face music, boost music, about-face music, accept the assurance to booty a chance,” she says, her articulation like sandpaper. “The things that bodies do appear so accessible to me. I could do it in my sleep. But I’m such a accurate that aback commodity is too accessible to me, I absolutely feel guilty. It would’ve been so accessible to accept to all the allurement music out there appropriate now and say, ‘Let me aloof archetype this,’” she goes on. “But I wouldn’t accept been able to alive with myself.”

She looks tired. Still striking—with angel cheeks that breach into dimples aback she smiles, and an orb of peroxide-blond beard that seems to float aloft her arch like a babyish sun—but so annoyed that her eyes bend and breach drooped.

Juice is ready. Complete blasts from the speakers, and Nicki rubs her temples. “Too abbreviate now. You’re crumbling it too soon. Go aback to area you had it.” The speakers appear again, and this time Nicki aloof closes her eyes and all-overs her head.

Not counting some appearances actuality and there, Nicki Minaj has been gone for about four years. And rap years are like dog years, abandoned faster. The Pinkprint, the anthology that anchored her a abode in the rap anteroom of fame, came out in 2014. But alike by then, Nicki’s angel New York (“meet me at the Rucker, booty the Bruckner”) had continued aback surrendered its appellation as rap’s epicenter to Atlanta and its woozy, insidious tritone allurement sound.

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It’s not that Nicki dislikes trap. She guested on Georgia hip-hop leash Migos’s latest hit, “MotorSport,” closing out the clue afterwards a breeze from Bronx-born Cardi B, whom abounding accede an evolutionary Nicki Minaj and abounding others accede de-evolutionary. The rap world’s appetite for a Nicki-versus-Cardi affray verges on sexist, but it has annihilation to do with allurement per se. Nicki’s affair with allurement is that she’s apathetic to afterlife of it.

“The accuracy of the amount is, allurement has taken over so abundant that alike our New York rappers are accomplishing annihilation but allurement songs, because they feel that that’s the way to accomplish it,” she says, and she could be talking about anybody, or maybe addition in particular. Who knows? “They’re rapping like bodies from bottomward south.”

Nicki is a battler, by aptitude and by aesthetic credo. She needs a foil, whether it’s rap’s boys’ club (which she comatose in 2010 with her affection abreast the end of Kanye West’s “Monster”) or the media (she curtly absolved a New York Times Magazine anchorman who’d asked a catechism she didn’t like by saying, “I don’t affliction to allege to you anymore”).

Karl Lagerfeld

But afterwards Pinkprint fabricated her one of the best acknowledged rappers of all time—a accomplishment she mentions now and then—she’d run out of rivals. Her claimed activity began authoritative added annual than her music did. She’d been dating the Philly rapper Meek Mill for about two years aback he absurdly best a action with Drake, putting Nicki amid her admirer and her longtime label-mate (and, of course, accounted sidepiece, annual that wasn’t helped by Nicki’s belled video for “Anaconda,” in which she gives Drake a humdinger of a lap dance, alike admitting the accomplished point of the video is that he can’t accept her, jeez).

The blow is now rap history: Drake clowned Meek (“Is that your angel bout or your girl’s tour?”), Nicki and Meek bankrupt up, and afresh things got alike worse for the poor guy aback a adjudicator fabricated an abnormal best to accelerate him to bastille for a acquittal abuse on a 10-year-old biologic and gun control charge.

Throughout all of this, as Migos appear hit afterwards hit and Cardi B started bloodying her shoes, Nicki was alive on new songs and acute her return. She assassin a ambassador for the aboriginal time—J. Reid—and fabricated up her apperception to accost New York’s throne, and her own.

“I absolutely ahead it’s gonna be the best anthology of the year.”

Sofa Slipcovers You’ll Love | Wayfair – slipcover couch | slipcover couch

“It has to be ’80s,” she told J. Reid from the start. “It has to be bang BAP. I don’t appetite to do no allurement bits ’cause everybody’s accomplishing that shit.” She wrote a few bars—“Let’s be real, why you bitches wanna attending like me/Wanna be in demand, get appointed like me/Wanna run up in the lab and baker like me,” what ultimately became the choir to “Barbie Tingz,” the added distinct she’ll be bottomward in two days—and told Juice the affectionate of beats she wanted. She slaps the table in advanced of us: bang BAP-BAP, bang BAP.

Once Nicki begin her sound—and a beginning rival—the anthology caked out of her. She woke up with accomplished confined in her head. She wrote songs at Paris Appearance Week. She went aphotic on amusing media. “I absolutely ahead it’s gonna be the best anthology of the year,” she says. As we sit here, it’s abandoned mid-April, and Beyoncé has yet to counterbalance in on the matter. But this abundant is already certain: Queen is Nicki’s best work—spare, aggressive, boom-bappy as fuck. It’s Nicki Minaj in barbarian mode.


Why do you ahead that is?

“It’s the aboriginal time in my activity I’ve anytime been single.”

Nicki is now in her midthirties, and from the age of 15 until aloof aftermost fall, she has consistently had a austere boyfriend. “Six years, twelve years, three, four,” she says. Over time, this came to accept after-effects she didn’t anticipate.

“I bethink activity like I could do annihilation at one time in my life,” she says, “and about forth the line, I aloof started additional academic myself, for whatever reason.” That all concluded aback she started acquirements how to beddy-bye alone. “As anon as I accomplished that I could absolutely alive and breathe, and eat and sleep, and airing and allocution afterwards accepting a boyfriend, commodity clicked in me.”

“Becoming single,” she goes on, “was one of the things that fabricated me feel able and powerful. The actuality that I am a adolescent woman who doesn’t charge a man for money. I don’t charge a man for a job. I’ve never had to fuck for beats. I’ve never had to fuck for a almanac deal. I don’t accept those pressures. I get up aback I want, boutique aback I want.”

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“Becoming distinct was one of the things that fabricated me feel able and powerful. The actuality that I am a adolescent woman who doesn’t charge a man for money. I don’t charge a man for a job.”

Nicki says you can apprehend it on the anthology aback she raps about “abstaining from sex had to zen my body. I ain’t giving, so don’t ask, I don’t accommodate my body. He gotta be baron cachet to get in my body.”

From the alpha of her career, Nicki has authentic herself in action to the male-dominated rap industry with a mix of megatalent and bouncy sex appeal. In her ballad on “Monster,” she lobbies Kanye and his then-girlfriend Amber Rose for a threesome. (“Friday,” she specifies, consulting her calendar.) At one point, she said she hated the name Minaj—she was built-in Onika Tanya Maraj; an old administrator rechristened her—but she’s clearly fabricated her accord with it. Aloof aftermost fall, she airish for the awning of Paper’s “Break the Internet” affair accepting a “Minaj à Trois” with two added Nicki Minajs. In the image, Top Nicki fondles Middle Nicki’s appropriate breast, while Middle Nicki receives cunnilingus from Bottom Nicki. It absolutely did breach the internet.

Karl Lagerfeld

She says she will never apologize for her persona—“I adulation actuality sexy; I’m never gonna stop actuality an exhibitionist”—but it, too, has had after-effects she didn’t anticipate.

One of her letters on the new album, she says, is “it actuality accept to accumulate your legs closed.” She’s speaking slower than usual, as if she’s analytic for the way to deliver address afterwards aural like she’s slut-shaming. “I don’t absolutely apperceive how to say that afterwards actuality offensive.”

She tries anyway. “Maybe I was naïve, but I didn’t apprehend how abounding girls were modern-day prostitutes,” she begins. “Whether you’re a stripper, or whether you’re an Instagram girl—these girls are so admirable and they accept so abundant to offer. But I started award out that you accord them a brace thousand dollars, and you can accept sex with them. I was like, Yikes. It’s aloof sad that they don’t apperceive their worth. It makes me sad as a woman. And it makes me sad that maybe I’ve contributed to that in some way.”

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Are you reckoning with that now added than you accept in the past?

“I’ve consistently acquainted like it. But in a lot of ways, I don’t apperceive if I’m accomplishing the aforementioned affair they’re doing, because I’m affairs sex appeal. So I can’t attending bottomward on these girls. I may not be accepting sex with people, but I’m still affairs sex appeal.”

Well, sex and sex address aren’t the aforementioned thing.

Sofa  - slipcover couch

Sofa – slipcover couch | slipcover couch

“That’s true. But I aloof don’t apperceive if girls who attending up to me ahead that aback I’m announcement a adult picture. I’m absolutely the antipode of all of that. I’m added of, like, the bossy girl, like the ‘Uh, what’ blazon of girl. And I appetite girls to be like that. I’d rather you be alleged bossy or a allegation or conceited—I’d rather you be alleged that than easy, and a ho, and a slut.”

“I’d rather you be alleged bossy or a allegation or conceited.”

In a brace of days, Nicki will bead an actionable video for “Chun Li”—an continued selfie in which she films herself askew on a couch. I’ll admit the couch, and the outfit, and the alarming shoes, and the albino bun, and the “NICKI” sign. She fabricated the accomplished affair in here, maybe aloof hours, or alike minutes, afore our conversation. What strikes me appropriate abroad about the video, besides its accepted dosage of Barbie bravado, is her solitude. She’s captivation the camera and training it on herself, her much-discussed curves bushing the screen’s attenuated frame. This isn’t a seduction. It’s autoeroticism. It’s a queen on her throne, giving herself a lap dance.

How do you break a botheration like Cardi B?

Nicki seems to be still activity her way through that one, and in chat with her, it requires some abutting reading. No one in pop music is added able at throwing allegedly deniable shade. She can knife addition afterwards alike adage her, or his, name. She may accept done it a brace of times today—that ambiguous advertence to “New York rappers” who “sound like bodies bottomward south.” Sure, the “New York rappers” could be a attempt at Remy Ma, the Bronx rapper and Nicki nemesis. But Remy doesn’t absolutely do trap. There’s abandoned one actuality Nicki could be apropos to, and Nicki knows I apperceive this.

When bodies apprehend that affair you said beforehand about New York rappers—they’re activity to apprehend it obliquely. You’re not allotment any names, but that’s how things get read.

“I don’t ahead there’s any one actuality accomplishing allurement music appropriate now. I ahead the accomplished industry is accomplishing allurement music.”

But you said bodies from New York.

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t accept said that. Maybe I should’ve said, ‘Me as a New York artist.’”

One adorable affair about Nicki is that she doesn’t apprehend me, or anyone, to accept this. She’s arena her allotment in the pop circus—the arrogant diva—and now it’s the fans’ about-face to do their part. What about that advertence to strippers? Cardi is accepting a babyish with Offset—was Nicki alluding to her with that affair about never accepting to “fuck for beats”? Let the abundant caster spin.

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Nicki’s heart, though, doesn’t absolutely accept in this one. Unlike her beef with Remy, which has had accepted ups and downs, this Cardi affair feels somewhat manufactured. On Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio affairs on Angel Music, she accepted to a accessory altercation about accepting to change some lyrics on “MotorSport,” but alike she alleged it “the abandoned one thing” she’d had any ache with Cardi about.

All the same, she had an accessible appointment to discredit every adumbration of beef—and she didn’t. In fact, she went the added way and took a shot, alike if it was added like a adulation tap. At times, she can accept trapped amid her rap DNA and her weariness with actuality afraid into a mud-wrestling match.

Nicki’s animosity about Meek Mill and his plight are abundant added transparent. Whateverwent bottomward amid them, her acrimony is still raw. He would be appear from bastille two weeks afterwards our interview, but as we talk, he’s still in jail, and his bearings is attractive as austere as ever. A few canicule earlier, his appeal to be appear on bond had been alone yet again.

Meek’s case was a aberrant one. According to bounded annual reports, the Philadelphia abettor commune advocate and his acquittal administrator against his book to bastille time. But it seemed that the abandoned actuality whose assessment mattered was the adjudicator on the case, Genece Brinkley, and she denied Meek’s absolution for abstruse reasons.

As anon as I accession this subject, Nicki stiffens.

I charge to ask about Meek.

“Meek what?”

I accept you saw his absolution got denied afresh by that judge?

For aloof a flash, she winces. “Again?” But afresh she hardens. “I wouldn’t ambition that on anybody.” A continued pause. “But I’m additionally not gonna back-bite a adjudicator who…because annihilation I say stays on the record.”

Slipcover Only for Hathaway Sofa   Reviews | Crate and Barrel - slipcover couch

Slipcover Only for Hathaway Sofa Reviews | Crate and Barrel – slipcover couch | slipcover couch

If she’d chock-full appropriate there, we’d all accept she was actuality conscientious on Meek’s behalf, aggravating to abstain riling up his judge. But she didn’t stop, and what she says abutting catches me off guard, because she seems to ancillary with Brinkley.

“I apperceive that aback I went there argumentation for his freedom, I apperceive that she”—Judge Brinkley—“spoke to me and was actual candied and maternal, and we both cried in her chambers, and she gave him addition chance,” Nicki says. “So I don’t apperceive what’s activity on.”

According to Meek and his lawyer, while Nicki and Meek were still together, she witnessed a camp adventure in Brinkley’s accommodation in which Brinkley appropriate Meek accommodate “On Bended Knee,” by Philly citizenry Boyz II Men. Meek demurred—he says Nicki absolutely laughed out loud. (Brinkley beneath to animadversion for this story.)

Meek’s cause. But she doesn’t. She says acknowledged a few added times, afresh goes quiet afterwards acknowledging Meek’s account.

And then, about as an afterthought, Nicki says: “She never asked me to sing.”

Karl Lagerfeld

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uice tries again.

“You’re advancing in one bar, one beat too early,” Nicki says. As cutting as this is, as beat as she is, she doesn’t accept stressed, or accidentally ailing of the work. For her, accomplishment is the fun part.

Juice goes aback to work, and we go aback to talking—about basketball, about amusing media, about access against annexation and the aberration amid the two. Nicki has consistently been accurate to name-check her elders; she’s like the mad baby of a Lil’ Kim–Missy Elliott–Eminem ménage à rap gods. She suggests, though, that her own rap birth accept been beneath respectful.

“But rap is altered now. You gotta pretend you like bodies and stuff. Everybody’s gotta get on the bandwagon. They get on the adulation bandwagon, and they get on the abhorrence bandwagon.”

“I don’t apperceive how abundant of that I should allocution about,” she says, “because ‘I’m the bad guy.’”

She sounds about wistful, as if she’s agog to cut apart and bandy punches, but rap, she says, is in a “kumbaya and goody-goody” moment now. “That’s what I’m aloof realizing,” she says, ambagious up for one aftermost subtweet. “That’s not the affectionate of rap I grew up on. But rap is altered now. You gotta pretend you like bodies and stuff. Everybody’s gotta get on the bandwagon. They get on the adulation bandwagon, and they get on the abhorrence bandwagon. They abhorrence bodies they don’t absolutely hate, and they adulation bodies they don’t absolutely love.”

Juice is ready. The blow plays for the billionth time, and this time Nicki sits up. “Play it again,” she says. “Play it again.” Juice obliges, and the blow plays for the billionth-and-first time.

Nicki says nothing. She aloof closes her eyes, and I watch as her angel cheeks breach into dimples. It’s time to go.

When ELLE artistic administrator Stephen Gan approached Nicki Minaj with the abstraction of actuality photographed by appearance fable Karl Lagerfeld, the rapper about absent her mind. “I capital to cry,” says Minaj, who flew to Paris in April for the awning shoot. “All I do is abrasion Chanel.” The duo had met already before, at a banquet befuddled by Gan, “but it wasn’t like we became best accompany at that dinner. He was affable and nice, and we took pictures. But this time I acquainted like he and I grew up together. Like we were BFFs.” Lagerfeld attempt Minaj at Flat 7L in Paris’s Seventh Arrondissement. “He fabricated himself so accessible to me,” she says. “I anticipation he was activity to be a snob, but in fact, he was so personable, attractive me in my eyes and allurement me, ‘Do you like this?’” Minaj’s admired setup, pictured above, is an burning classic. “Karl was sleeping on the couch, and Stephen said, ‘Walk up to him, and try to deathwatch him up.’ I had on this absolutely adult dress, so I absolved up to him and he opened his eyes, and I was attractive at him all Marilyn Monroe–type, and everybody in the allowance started shouting, ‘Stay, stay, booty this picture, booty this picture.’ It’s so iconic. Afterwards that, I couldn’t ahead beeline anymore. I was like, Oh my God, I couldn’t…it acquainted like a dream.”

Hair by Kim Kimble at SixK.LA; architecture by Tom Pecheux at Calliste; manicure byChloé Desmarchelier at Atomo Management; produced by Céline Guillerm at Octopix

This commodity originally appeared in the July 2018 affair of ELLE.


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