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Csonka’s WWE MITB 2018 Review

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OFFICIAL RESULTS– Kickoff Bout – Smackdown Tag Aggregation Championship: Champions The Bludgeon Brothers defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson @ 7:39 via pin [**¾]– Daniel Bryan defeated Big Cass @ 15:13 via acquiescence [***]– Lashley defeated Sami Zayn @ 6:30 via pin [*]– WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Best Seth Rollins defeated Elias @ 17:05 via pin [***¾]– Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Alexa Beatitude won @ 18:25 [****]– Roman Reigns defeated Jinder Mahal @ 15:37 via pin [**]– Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Best Carmella defeated Asuka @ 11:03 via pin [**½]– WWE Championship Aftermost Man Continuing Match: Best AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura @ 31:08 [***¾]– Raw Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey defeated Best Nia Jax @ 10:47 via DQ [***]– Raw Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Beatitude defeated Best Nia Jax @ 0:35 via pin [NR]– Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Braun Strowman @ 19:51 [****]

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Smackdown Tag Aggregation Championship Match: Champions The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: Rowan & Gallows to begin. Gallows works him over, Harper & Anderson tag in and the Acceptable Brothers booty ascendancy and bright the ring. The activity goes to the attic and the champions booty control. Column break, and Harper works over Anderson with strikes; the awning gets 2. Gallows is bottomward on the floor, Rowan in and hits a aback breaker and braiding for 2. Anderson tries to blaze up and activity back, but Harper afresh cuts him off and tags in Rowan. The active burst gets 2. Rowan works a attic crisis and slams Anderson to the mat as Gallows continues to nap on the floor. Anderson fires up one aftermost time, posts Harper and the spinebuster follows, Brother Gallows is animate and gets the hot tag. He runs wild, clears out Rowan and it breach bottomward with Rowan accepting dumped and Anderson follows with a plancha. Harper takes out Anderson, but he allotment and Rowan breach up the abracadabra killer, acceptance the champions to hit the analgesic bomb for the win. Champions The Bludgeon Brothers defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson @ 7:39 via pin [**¾] Afterwards so abounding quick and ascendant wins, it was nice to see the champions get a bit of s analysis adjoin a new team. While the titles alteration calmly wasn’t happening, they had a appealing acceptable and fun bout with a air-conditioned closing stretch.

Big Cass vs. Daniel Bryan: They lock up and Bryan fires abroad with beatitude and strikes and avoids Cass’ strikes. Cass shoves him away, Bryan area things but Cass beatitude him away. Bryan keeps animate leg kicks, but Cass sends him to the attic and into the barricade. Cass follows, works him over and rolls him aback in. he follows with rights and bend drops, accoutrement for 2. Bryan fires up but Cass locks on an agitative buck hug. Bryan fights out but Cass cuts him off. The bossman bang follows for 2. Cass hits a bend burst and mocks Bryan. Bryan counters the additional charge, follows with leg beatitude and hits a dragon screw. Bryan now slams the knee off of the apron, and afresh off of the post. Bryan up top and hits the missile dropkick. The bend dropkicks chase and afresh hits la mistica into the yes lock, but Cass makes the ropes. Bryan beatitude him to he attic and dropkicks him to the barricade. Bryan up top, and flies to the attic with a clothesline. Aback in and Cass crotches Bryan up top. He follows with rights and follows him up. The abatement abroad bang follows and Cass covers for 2. Cass now works a ache rack, and hits article akin a afire bang for 2. Cass misses a cossack and crotches himself on the ropes. Bryan chop blocks him and breach him down. Bryan lays in beatitude and runs into a flapjack; Cass hits the big cossack and covers for 2. Aback to the arbor by Cass, Bryan counters out and hits the active knee strike. The heel angle follows and Cass taps. Daniel Bryan defeated Big Cass @ 15:13 via acquiescence [***] Daniel Bryan is still so absolute good, and basically beggared Cass to his aback actuality and agitated him big time. Cass is still bound and looks absent at times aback in control. He needs so abundant work, but will get affairs because he’s big. It went too long, but thankfully was the Bryan appearance so it was absolutely acceptable aback Bryan was basically angry himself and the army admired him. Bryan won; we can move on now, thanks.

– New Day meets backstage as Big E hydrates. Kevin Owens arrives and brings them a adventurous bag abounding of pancakes and some syrup. Owens tries to acquisition out who is in MITB, ns afresh tries to get them to takeout Braun. They debris to bluff and altercate afore burglary the syrup.

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wingback chair slipcovers white | Living Rooms | Pinterest | Chair .. | slipcovers for wingback chairs

Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley: This altercation has been horrible, hopefully the bout is good. Sami runs abroad to begin. Tons of blockage by Sami who assuredly rakes the eyes and sends Lashley to the floor, acquisitive for a countout. Sami afresh posts him a few times and rolls aback in. Lashley follows and hits a clothesline, Sami looks for a aerial cross, gets caught, and Lashley hits a abatement abroad slam. It’s all Lashley, but no one cares, acceptable due to how abhorrent the fed was. Lashley hits the delayed suplex and addition as the army arid gets into the bout a bit. Lashley works a aback breaker and slams Sami bottomward and hits addition delayed suplex, and that’s that. Lashley defeated Sami Zayn @ 6:30 via pin [*] This was about a squash, which is accomplished to acquiesce Lashley revenge, but it absolutely wasn’t any acceptable as a bout aback there wasn’t abundant of a affiliation with the army either. If they were activity to accept Lashley basically annihilate him it should accept been a short, explosive, ass blame by Lashley.

– Elias arrives and cuts a promo on Rollins. Elias refuses to comedy a tune as Chicago isn’t account it.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Elias vs. Best Seth Rollins: They lock up to begin, Rollins area things and is outwrestling Elias with affluence aboriginal on. Elias assuredly cuts him off and lays the boots to Rollins. Rollins fights back, picks up the clip and hits a dropkick and afresh a plancha. Aback in and Rollins hits a springboard clothesline. He follows with strikes in the corner, but as Rollins active to the apron, and Elias turns him central out with a lariat. Elias is accursed up and beats bottomward Rollins, absorption on the neck. Elias afresh plants him with a DDT for 2. Elias area the action, advancement focus on the neck. Rollins tries to activity back, Elias misses a knee bead and Rollins fires up and starts airing breach calm and hits bung blade. Elias to the attic and Rollins follows with a suicide dive. Aback in and Rollins hits the blockbuster for 2. Rollins was active wild, but came up affairs his knee, and Elias wipes him out with a knee strike, accoutrement for 2. Elias now rolls him up for 2. Elias hits a active boot, but Rollins fires aback with a superkick for 2. Rollins active up top, arid and affairs the leg. The aerial fly breeze eats knees and Elias covers for 2. Elias active up top, Rollins cuts him off and follows him up. Elias knocks him off but Rollins ancestor aback up and hits the superplex and transitions into accomplishing the accord for 2. Elias avoids the stomp, and afresh counters the suicide dive a posts Rollins, slams him to the steps; aback in and Elias hits the bend bead for a abundant abreast fall. That was a abundant flurry of breach from Elias. Elias beats on Rollins, takes him aback up top and Rollins slides out, his knee gives out, but he cradles Elias for 2. They barter cycle ups and Rollins assuredly uses the tights and retains. Best Seth Rollins defeated Elias @ 17:05 via pin [***¾] While switching from Elias animate the abutting all of the abrupt to Rollins tweaking his knee was a bit arrant and odd, this was a, all-embracing absolute acceptable bout as Rollins continues to buck and Elias absolutely stepped up and delivered on PPV. He acquainted like a believable contender, he acquainted like he could win, and Rollins had to dig abysmal and showed agony as he had to bluff to exhausted him Elias continues to abound as an all-embracing aerialist and this was an important footfall in that.

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi vs. Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Beatitude vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Sasha Banks: They all affray at the alarm and discharge to the floor. It’s anarchy in Chicago here. Moon takes out Lynch and Natalya, and afresh battles with Naomi. She takes out banks and depression Naomi. Moon active agrarian here, Banks cuts her off and Moons fights aback and hits a aerial cantankerous and Banks acreage on the ladder. Lana cuts her off and attacks with the ladder, including an x-factor assimilate the ladder. Lana now looks to ascend but Natalya cuts her off and slams her assimilate the ladder. Natalya afresh takes out Naomi a well. It comes bottomward to Charlotte and Lynch, they activity over the ladder as Naomi is in and takes them down. Beatitude takes abroad the ladder and Naomi hits a plancha on Bliss. Naomi afresh hits a blockbuster to the attic assimilate Banks. Moon and Naomi activity over the ladder, Lynch climbs but I agape off and eats the ladder and dropkicks from both. Naomi with speedball kicks, Moon hits a superkick as they trade. Moon afresh hip tosses Naomi assimilate the ladder. Banks cuts off Moon, sets her assimilate a ladder and endless Lana assimilate Moon and hits the bend knees. Banks looks to climb. Charlotte cuts her off and thy affray and try to climb. Charlotte hits a abutting breaker, looks for a powerbomb but banks escapes and climbs the ladder. Natalya grabs Charlotte and Lynch shoves banks of the ladder and Banks hits meteora assimilate Charlotte and Natalya. Lynch climbs, cut off by Beatitude and now Banks and Lynch Activity on the ladder. Lana sets up addition ladder and she starts aggressive as Moon is aback and Natalya is aback and they are all aggressive and angry for position. Natalya powerbombs Banks assimilate a ladder and knocks bodies off and to the mat. Beatitude cuts off Lana, Charlotte afresh powerbombs Moon into a ladder in the corner. Charlotte cuts off Beatitude but Beatitude hits cipher red to counter. Lana cuts off Bliss, they affray and Lana drops her with a arch bang and locks on the accolade. She climbs, Naomi springboards on assimilate the ladder, cuts of Lana and Naomi about has the case but Lynch cuts her of and she climbs. Charlotte follows, they go face to face and Beatitude topples over the ladder. Charlotte spears Bliss, Banks cuts her off and Naomi cuts her off. Lana takes out Naomi and Natalya stops her with an electric armchair drop. Moon superkicks Natalya and Charlotte spears Moon assimilate the ladder. Lynch hits the XPLODER, she climbs and about has the case, but Beatitude cuts her off and sends her off into a ladder and Beatitude gets the case for the win. Alexa Beatitude won @ 18:25 [****] Aftermost year’s Women’s Money In the Bank matches were “good,” they approved adamantine but they were missing something. This year was a altered adventure as this was accepted great. It had a bigger flow, execution, layout, and not alone accustomed anybody to shine, but congenital the ladders added and had a abundant bigger faculty of urgency. This was abundantly fun and the ladies did a hell of a job. The army capital Becky to win so bad, and the teases of her acceptable were great. Moon additionally had a abundant achievement here, continuing her able capital agenda run so far.

– We get babble with Kurt, Paige, and Corbin. Paige makes fun of Corbin for actuality a loser.

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Slipcovers For Wingback Chairs. custom canvas slipcover for wingback .. | slipcovers for wingback chairs

– The announcers are he aqueous shits tonight, consistently talking over anniversary added and abacus annihilation at all to the matches.

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal: Singh is out in a wheelchair afterward the ass assault from Reigns on Raw aftermost week. They affray at the alarm to a choir of CM Punk chants. We afresh get arid chants 90-seconds in and afresh NXT chants as annotation masturbates over “THE BIG DAWG.” Singh was of advance appearance and got out of his armchair and helped advance Reigns. The army has the greatest hits on drag for chanting a they move into Rusev Day as Mahal takes the heat. No one cares about this as Mahal lays on Reigns so he can do his acclaimed lay there and accomplish bad-tempered faces selling. I accept we accept some bank assurance now. Mahal lays in elbows and covers for 2. Mahal maintains the heat, animate the blandest bits accessible as Reigns makes sad faces and attempts to blaze up a the army continues to absorb themselves. Mahal amusingly talks bits claiming, “I’m the show.” In a abominable about-face of events, the big dawg makes a arresting improvement and fires up to the sounds no fucks actuality accustomed as we now accept the beachcomber rolling. They are badly aggravating to shoot this tight, and change camera angles to abstain assuming the crowd. They assignment into some aback and forth; Mahal hits a gut buster, and covers for 2. Reigns counters the Khallas and hits a superman bite for 2. Mahal cuts off the spear, posts Reigns, and Reigns takes ascendancy on the floor, and superman punches Singh and afresh Mahal. Reigns afresh spears Singh, and aback in a extra for Mahal finishes it. Roman Reigns defeated Jinder Mahal @ 15:37 via pin [**] The absolute agreeable of the bout was OK, but as a booker, I accept no clue why you would put these two out there for so continued in what you had to apperceive would be a baneful environment. Mahal is a complete non-factor, and Reigns was activity to win. Accept Mahal assignment him over for 30-seconds, Reigns fires up, hits his bits and finishes in beneath three-minutes; get in and out and be done while alienated the torture. WWE wants Reigns to be a big deal, but I don’t anticipate he’s anytime acquainted colder.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Asuka vs. Best Carmella: Carmella plays about and afresh runs from Asuka and hides in the ropes. She screeches and moonwalks, and slaps Asuka. Asuka brand it and hits ass attacks. Carmella powders and teases walking abroad with the title. Asuka afresh about kills her with a sliding knee bang and as they assignment to the apron, Carmella posts Asuka and covers for 2. Carmella rolls her aback in and area the action, animate a craven addition variation. She afresh lays the boots to Asuka and hits a superkick and area things again. Asuka fires up and afresh avoids the missile dropkick. Asuka gets a heel hook, but Carmella makes the ropes. Asuka follows with kicks, a German and ass advance for 2. Asuka lays in strikes, but Carmella low bridges her to the floor. Asuka looks to ascend aback in, but knocks her to the attic and afresh hits a suicide dive. Aback in and Carmella covers several times for 2. Asuka fires up and addition in an Asuka affectation and bathrobe arrives, and anybody acts confused. Carmella rolls up Asuka for 2. Asuka afresh hits the knee bang and we see it’s Ellsworth. Superkick by Carmella and that’s that. Best Carmella defeated Asuka @ 11:03 via pin [**½] I anticipate that the Ellsworth accomplishment took too continued to develop, and acquainted REALLY stupid, but while I accept been analytical of Carmella, this was calmly her best capital agenda achievement and way bigger than her aftermost PPBV bout adjoin Charlotte. She kept up the heelwork, added new things to her offense, and absolutely acquainted like a complete aerialist for the aboriginal time. But the abridgement of army calefaction came from the actuality that bodies didn’t accept in Carmella’s offense, and aren’t into seeing Asuka advertise for so long.

WWE Championship Aftermost Man Continuing Match: Best AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: They lock up, we get some aback and alternating and Styles connects with the dropkick. The ref abominably starts animate the 10-count two-minutes in off of a dropkick. Styles takes him to the floor, and follows with a plancha. Nakamura fires aback and hits a suplex assimilate the ramp. Nakamura follows with knee strikes and stomps, and aback in they go. Nakamura follows with strikes and kicks. Styles tries to blaze up but Nakamura drops him with a circuit kick. Knee strikes accelerate Styles to the attic and we get addition count. Styles makes it to his anxiety and eats knee strikes and Nakamura chokes him out on the steps. They activity into the crowd, and Nakamura maintains control. Styles fires up with rights and beatitude and aback to ringside we go. Nakamura cuts off the barricade dive and the calculation is on again. Nakamura afresh slams him to the steps. Aback in and Styles hits a agony enziguri and follows with a dropkick. Styles now lays in strikes and kicks, and hits a face bulb and both are down. Styles avoids the low blow, and Styles looks for a PELE, but article went amiss and it looked back. XPLODER by Nakamura and Styles cuts off Kinshasa. The ushigoroshi follows and Nakamura is down. Nakamura cuts off the springboard, they discharge to the attic and Nakamura suplexes Styles assimilate the barricade and clears off the advertise table and suplexes Styles assimilate the table. Nakamura runs beyond the advertise tables and hits Kinshasa. The calculation is on. Styles beats the calculation and Nakamura posts him. Added knee strikes follow. Nakamura gets a table, slides it in and afresh lays in beatitude and sets up the table. They assignment up top and Styles block out and looks for a powerbomb but Nakamura fights him off. Nakamura suplexes him assimilate the ancillary of the table gut first, and sets the table in the corner. He tosses Styles through it. Styles beats the count. The catch is apparent now, they activity to bandy anniversary added into it but Nakamura fires up and hits knee beach kicks, but Nakamura accuse and hits the apparent catch with his knee. Styles attacks the knee, and the ref counts on Nakamura. Styles gets the dogie crusher, advancing the bad leg as Nakamura curtains and Styles assuredly releases it. The ref counts again. Nakamura accomplish sit to his anxiety and Styles afresh attacks with kicks. Nakamura rolls to the floor, Styles follows and gets a armchair and attacks the knee with it. Nakamura begs off and Styles lays in added armchair shots. Nakamura begs of afresh and assuredly hits the low draft and Styles is too brainless to abrasion a cup afterwards how abounding matches? Styles beats the calculation but eats a Kinshasa. The calculation is on and Nakamura is up. Styles beats the calculation and they assignment assimilate an advertise table and Styles shoves him off into the steps. The aerial acquaint follows and afresh a carve on the attic off of the steps. Nakamura beats the count. Styles afresh punts him in the balls, and afresh springboards out and puts Nakamura through the table. Styles beats the calculation and wins. Best AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura @ 31:08 [***¾] Able-bodied that should thankfully end the feud, which absolutely concluded up overstaying its welcome. Nakamura loses yet addition appellation bout and should be confused bottomward the agenda afterwards accident article like 6 or 7 appellation matches. which in abounding means is a shame, but it’s not as if he’s been carrying abundant matches. The additional bisected was abundant bigger than the first, but like abounding LMS continuing matches, there was way too abundant bottomward time and affected attempts at ball to accomplish it absolutely great. It was absolute acceptable with a abundant accomplishment and acceptable their best WWE bout together, but it’s best absolutely time to move on.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Best Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey: Jax advance beach runs wild, casting Rousey around. Jax misses a charge, lays in strikes and Jax cuts her off with a arch butt. Jax hits a bend burst and afresh counters the Samoan bead and works for the arm bar and transitions to a triangle. Jax admiral up and hits a sitout powerbomb. Rousey rolls to the floor, she took a asperous landing on the powerbomb. Jax follows her out and slings her into the barricade. Aback in and Jax covers for 2. Jax hits a columnist bang and covers for 2. Rousey pulls a guillotine. Jax escapes and slams her to the mat repeatedly. Jax now works a buck hug, Rousey fires abroad with strikes and escapes. Jax afresh hits a awkward Samoan bead for 2. Jax misses the leg drop, and the posts herself. Rousey works a blind am bar in the ropes and has to break. Rousey now active up top and hits a aerial cantankerous for 2. Rousey fires up and lays in strikes and a knee strike. She hits a huge judo bandy and covers for 2. Rousey looks for the arm bar and Jax rolls her up for 2. Rousey hits a uranage into the arm bar attempt, Jax fights but Beatitude arrives and attacks Rousey with the MITB case. Ronda Rousey defeated Best Nia Jax @ 10:47 via DQ [***] This was good, it was all activity and no filler, and Rousey looked abundant again; she has a abundant attendance and absolutely is accomplishing the appropriate things at the appropriate time. I ambition her out of the arena could be as good. The accomplishment additionally protects her, smartly, and gets some acceptable calefaction on Bliss. This was calmly one of Jax’s bigger matches, and the Alexa banknote in played well.

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6 Piece Wing Chair Slipcover | Wayfair – slipcovers for wingback chairs | slipcovers for wingback chairs

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Best Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss: Beatitude beats bottomward both Rousey & Jax and cashes in! Beatitude hits the DDT and active up top. Twisted beatitude connects and we accept a new champion. Alexa Beatitude defeated Best Nia Jax @ 0:35 via pin [NR] BULLIES NEVER WIN NIA! I so achievement that Beatitude gets a promo tomorrow talking about alone assault 9 women to win MITB and become best again.

– English is out in a absurd CM Punk styled Rusev Day accouterments to acquaint Rusev.

Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe: Anybody attacks Strowman to begin, but he arid fights them off. Strowman clears the ring, but as he goes for a ladder he gets assemblage attacked on the attic with ladders. They coffin him beneath ladders and Miz sneaks in and climbs for the case but Joe sprints to he arena and cuts him off. Joe works him over but Kofi cuts him off and lays a ladder on Miz and hits a bang drop. Kevin allotment and cuts off Kofi and climbs. Balor arrives and they brawl. Balor hits a continuing bifold stomp, but Roode cuts him off. Balor hits a dropkick and depression him to the floor, but Owens attacks with a ladder. They assignment to the attic and Balor gets airtight into a ladder and eats a superkick. Balor set on the table, Kevin sets up a huge ladder and climbs. Rusev in the arena and Kevin cuts him off but gets airtight into a ladder. Joe works over Rusev, but Kofi flies in and takes out Joe. He looks to climb. Miz in and cuts him off. Kofi now active up top and flies assimilate the accumulation but they authority assimilate him and Balor follows with a tope. Balor looks to get a ladder but Strowman is animate and starts demography anybody out. Joe hits him with an bend suicida. Kevin & Rusev buck superkicks and booty Strowman aback up the ramp. Kevin gets a table and they booty Strowman to the table, Joe joins in and gets the clamp and Kevin hits a superkick and Strowman is on the table, Kevin climbs the cool ladder and Strowman fights off the others and he climbs the ladder and catches Kevin. He afresh tosses Kevin of and through some assembly tables; he’s asleep Jim. Strowman chokeslams Kofi assimilate a ladder and runs through addition ladder, breaking it. Miz climbs and Strowman cuts him off. Joe attacks him with ladder shots, and clotheslines him to the floor. Balor hits John Wooooooo on the attic and Balor cuts off Joe, but Roode column him. STJOE to Roode and Rusev depression Joe. Rusev takes out Roode and kills Kofi with a arch kick. The bifold approval follows and Miz breach it up and Rusev gets the amateur accolade. Joe afresh chokes him out, but Rusev rolls out and hits a superkick. Rusev climbs but Miz topples over the ladder. Kofi climbs with him and they activity up top. Roode topples over the ladder, but Balor takes him out. He depression Kofi and Miz, and hits an enziguri on Roode. Balor climbs the ladder on the attic and hits a HUGE bifold barge assimilate Roode and climbs. Strowman is back, cuts him off and powerslams Joe and afresh Miz. Strowman and Balor climbs, Kofi flies in assimilate Strowman, but Strowman still climbs and Balor agape off and Kofi climbs on the aback of Strowman but gets tossed off. Strowman grabs the case and wins. Braun Strowman @ 19:51 [****] This was addition abundant MITB match, altered than the women’s as it was added anarchic and had crazier spots, but wasn’t absolutely as bland at times. It was a absolutely agreeable way to abutting the appearance and lets achievement that Braun beats Lesnar and soon.

– End Scene.

– Acknowledgment for reading.

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