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You’re in charge of a new skateboard backpack. This could be because of the time of the year (hello, back-to-school), or you artlessly charge a backup bag.

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To accumulate it abbreviate and sweet, we’ve bent the Dakine Explorer is the best skateboarding backpack. It accomplished this top spot, acknowledgment to its bulk and absurd features–can you say, “Insulated pocket?”

How do we actuate the top backpacks for skateboarding? Simple. We dive abysmal into:

In the end, a skateboard haversack should, well, assignment as a skateboard backpack. In added words, it should be advantageous for both skateboarding and school.

Now, I apperceive not anybody is still a student–neither am I! I accelerating with my BA seven-years-ago….and I still use my skate haversack on a approved basis, for things added than skating.

Adult, teen, or child, a skateboarding bag is a advantageous carryall, for aloof about everyone.

We accept how important allotment is, which is why this haversack adviser is accoutrement via ascendance price.

Moreover, they’re labeled with a accomplished title, in adjustment to highlight why they’re the best backpacks for skateboarding.

You can either apprehend a added all-embracing review, or arch beeline to the antecedent and acquirement it.

So, afterwards added ado….

When it comes to attractive at skateboarding backpacks, or heck absolutely annihilation in general, what’s the aboriginal affair you’re activity to do?

Look at reviews.

If that’s your gut instinct, why not anon go with a haversack with an ultra-high rating?

Eastsport Bifold Strap, anyone?

Hands-down, afterwards a doubt, Amazon is one of the best trusted online retailers on the planet. Afterwards all, they action a massive array of products, and a belvedere to articulation your assessment on said products.

So, aback you acquisition article with a appraisement above-4-stars, you apperceive you’ve begin a gem. Well, the Eastsport Bifold Band has a 4.1-star rating, with 100 reviews.

With an autogenous laptop sleeve (for computers up-to-15″) that sits in an colossal capital compartment, you accept abundant allowance for your skate, school, and claimed belongings.

As you’d apprehend on a skateboard backpack, it has two advanced velcro straps, to authority your deck. A fleece-lined abridged provides a scratch-free breadth for your sunglasses.

Construction of the bag screams durability, attributable to use of a high-quality polyester and a rubberized top-handle. And, it’s backed by a limited-lifetime guarantee.

Comfort is key. Acknowledgment to a high-density cream back, and bedlam accept straps, accustomed about your accouterments isn’t such a hassle.

Considering the actuality that this backpack’s bulk puts it at the lower-end-of-the-budget-scale, it’s a astounding best for those who are money-conscious.

If you apperceive you breach up your backpacks and accept to frequently alter them (regardless of quality), your pocketbook will be happiest with this affordable skateboarding backpack.

Outside of money, this bag is ideal for those who adopt to ride abate boards: Generally, nickel boards and below. The straps are accurately advised for this blazon of set-up.

So, whether you’re skateboarding on a budget, or artlessly attractive for article to haversack about your babyish deck, the Eastsport Bifold Band is breadth it’s at.

If extenuative money’s your thing, don’t absence out on these bargain longboard options, to brace with your new bag.

When you’re because skateboarding brands that aftermath accessories alfresco of the accouter specifically, Dakine is calmly one of the best well-known.

They’ve been bearing alarming skate backpacks, aback what feels like the alpha of time. And they aloof accumulate accomplishing it, year-in and year-out.

The Dakine Explorer is no exception.

This bag has a cardinal of alarming qualities, alignment from organization, to authentic protection.

Wearing sunglasses is a astounding choice, for the bloom of your eyes. But, if you balloon a case, you’re kinda SOL. Luckily, this Dakine bag has a abridged accurately for sunglasses–it’s and fleece-lined, to boot.

Aside from this pocket’s chic feature, there are six added pockets, to accumulate your activity organized.

Ok, so let’s allocution about that cloistral acknowledgment pocket. It’s shockingly ample at 8.5″-long x 10″-wide x 3″-high, and comes with dividers. Plus, it’s spill-proof.

In beheld terms, it can authority a decently-sized lunch. In all seriousness, it allows you to haversack two meals, if you’re activity to be out for an continued aeon of time.

Slide best laptops in a separate, lined, bedlam compartment. It holds computers up-to-15″. But, that’s additionally breadth the fleece-lined book alcove is, too. So, you can accumulate all of your electronics safe.

Dakine’s aggregation absolutely took it up a notch, though, with a side-access-zipper to get into the compartment…without removing the bag.

Clocking in at 26L, it is on the smaller-side of abstraction backpacks for students, but it has abundant room, with all of that abridged organization.

Because it is a added bunched skateboard bag, it’s best if you stick to accustomed abate set-ups. Aggravating to attach a larger-deck may be an adverse venture. But, babyish decks are secure, already askance in.

When you blooper this babyish on, you’ll apprehend how able-bodied the weight’s distributed. Acknowledgment to an adjustable sternum strap, the haversack sits absolutely as you want.

Students, afterwards a doubt. But, anyone who’s on-the-go could absolutely account from the use of a Dakine Explorer.

The ultra-handy cloistral abridged allows you to accumulate aliment cool, while you’re out-and-about. Not a distinct added skateboard or longboard haversack can avowal this feature–truly one-of-a-kind.

With this Dakine Backpack, your electronics accept never been safer, nor added accessible. The side-access-zipper, and lined laptop- and tablet-pockets are the acumen abaft that relief.

Comfortable to wear, can freakin’ accumulate your cafeteria cool, analgesic design. Could ya ask for annihilation more?

Also accessible in: 15 colors, including: Carbon, Timber & a cardinal of patterns

Of course, the best skateboard haversack needs the best longboard complete to go with it. Peep the account to advancement your deck, too.

Ok, ok, I know–ya got me. There was already a Dakine haversack beforehand on this account of the best skateboard backpacks.

Well, my analogue of “best” agency that a cast can actualization up more-than-once because we’re accoutrement the best. Not the best of assorted skateboard brands. No–simply the best.

Dakine’s accepted for authoritative actively best accoutrements and baggage that attending alarming as heck. So, it’s no abruptness their Day Atlas is featured here.

Unlike abounding of the added skate and longboard backpacks we’ve seen, this bad boy absolutely pops. In added words, it’s not accessible in alone aerial or aloof colors.

Made with a durable, high-quality polyester, which allows it to absolutely booty a beating. Seriously–fall on your aback and you’ll aloof accept to dust off some dirt. No accident in-sight.

On the inside, there’s a alcove to abundance your laptop, barometer up-to-15″. It’s amid in the capital compartment, for easiest access. If you accept a abate computer, alone abundance it in the added compartment.

Pocket-wise, you’re golden. It has an autogenous accelerate pocket, and four exoteric pockets:

If you’re consistently accident your buzz in your bag, don’t diaphoresis it. Both side-zip pockets authority akin the bigger phones out there–easy-access and peace-of-mind.

Of course, as a skateboarding backpack, you’d apprehend there to be accustomed straps for your set-up–and Dakine delivers. They’re abiding velcro straps, for quick transitions from walking-to-riding.

One affair to accumulate in mind, though, is that they’re advised for a slightly-larger deck. If you’re the appreciative buyer of a Penny (or added mini) board, it may not fit properly. But, you can consistently bung is inside, acknowledgment to its 25L capacity.

While acceptance may see a lot of use in this skate pack, it’s not the best ideal best out there. It does authority a laptop…but the alcove isn’t padded.

This absolutely opens up to abeyant for damage. That actuality said, you can abate that accident with a solid laptop shell.

If you’re an adventuresome person, this Dakine haversack is appropriate up your alley. It provides accoutrements of alignment and peace-of-mind–should zippers accessible slightly, its accommodation won’t anon tumble out.

Taking it on a motorcycle or mini-day-hike is a breeze. While technically not congenital as an outdoors pack, it absolutely provides aggregate you need.

You’ll never be aghast in the affection of a Dakine backpack, for its absurd prices.

Replace your old bag today, be animated by tomorrow.

RVCA? Really? It’s apparently been a hot minute aback you’ve credible their name mentioned–that’s not uncommon.

Their acceptance ailing mid-2000s, and best of “normal” association let it achromatize away. Well, skateboarders never forgot about its awesomeness.

That’s why the RVCA Push Skate Haversack is on our adviser to skateboarding backpacks.

This backpack’s been about for years. It’s acclaimed in the skate world, that this bad boy was congenital to last.

With a 100% polyester construction, it’s 100% machine-washable. We’ve yet to run into accession skateboard bag that can say the same.

(Here are some charwoman hints and tips, if your accepted haversack badly needs a wash).

Zippers are accession important allotment of the bag’s construction. They’re appealing durable, befitting the accommodation nice and safe.

Bring forth a laptop, with the bedlam sleeve; up-to-15″ computers. Amid in the capital department, it’s cool easy-to-access.

Keep all your knick knacks organized, with the aggregation of exoteric pockets, including:

In total, there are three blooper pockets, three zip pockets, and two exoteric pockets.

Strapping in your skateboard is easy-as-pie, with the loop-and-velcro-system. Aloof absolution the velcro, accelerate the lath in, tighten, again secure.

When not in use, constrict straps abroad for a added “traditional” haversack look, authoritative it one of the added aesthetically-versatile accoutrements on this list.

Once you accelerate it on, you’ll be afraid at how analogously the weight is distributed. As you’d expect, the accept straps are adjustable and padded. There’s additionally an adjustable chest strap, for added support.

As a accepted aphorism of thumb, this longboard haversack isn’t ideal for students. While it does accept a bedlam laptop sleeve, its babyish 24L accommodation negates accustomed capacity.

In added words, you artlessly may not accept abundant allowance for all of your books and supplies.

So, again who’s this bag fabricated for? The accustomed skateboarder.

Thanks to acutely abiding construction, it’s congenital for those who are consistently on-the-go. That common biking calls for accoutrements of organization, and RVCA delivered.

Whether you adopt to cruise about boondocks alone on a accouter (it’s both a skateboard and longboard backpack), or biking via a two-wheeled-cycle of sorts, the RVCA is the appropriate choice.

And for less-than-$35, you’ll accept a solid haversack for abounding seasons to come. Don’t breach the bank.

When it comes to skateboard brands, there are some companies that you can aloof discharge out off the top of your head, afterwards a added thought.

Volcom, like Element, is absolutely one of those brands.

So, it’s absolutely applicable that their Vagabond Bag fabricated it assimilate our account of the best skateboard backpacks.

Whether you’re a skateboarder or snowboarder (or both!), you apperceive Volcom’s accepted for their affection and durability. Heck, I’ve endemic the aforementioned Volcom Mittens for bristles seasons–three of which had adamantine use.

This Vagabond bag avalanche beneath that aforementioned definition: Sturdy as heck, over a cardinal of seasons.

With 35L of space, this baby’s got some aloft space. But afterwards organization, that amplitude is useless.

There are two compartments. A ample capital one holds the majority of your stuff, while the added alcove is polyester-lined and congenital accurately for your laptop.

Luckily, there are seven pockets (3 slip, 4 exterior):

One of the pockets akin has a little key clip, so you’ll no best be ashore digging to the basal of the pack, aback aggravating to get into your car.

The buzz abridged should fit the all-inclusive majority of models on the market. And, you can haversack a baptize canteen in one of the ancillary pockets.

When you bandy this bad boy on, you’ll apprehension how adequate it is. It has a absurd akin of accept and aback padding, which doubles as a way to accumulate the haversack in-place.

In the accident you don’t appetite to abrasion the bag anymore, accelerate it off and haversack with the bedlam accustomed handle.

Without a doubt, acceptance account from accepting a Volcom Vagabond. Its massive size, and separate, lined laptop haversack (and added book pocket!), ensure your electronics are protected.

35L is appealing massive in-terms of longboard backpacks, so you should be able to authority all of your textbooks, notebooks, and added academy necessities.

If you’re not a student, though, this Volcom haversack is still an amazing choice. Attributable to its size, you’re absurd to acquisition as high-quality of backpack, with as abundant space.

In added words, if you charge to frequently carriage a lot of stuff, the Volcom provides abatement from jamming aggregate into a abate bag.

By distributing the weight well, your aback will be abundant happier–student and non-students alike.

If you’re a skateboarder and charge a big backpack, you charge a Volcom Vagabond.

Just like any sport, there are a few companies that accomplish it to the “mainstream”. Basically, they’re accepted alfresco of the fanbase.

In this case, Element Skateboards is that company. Actually, it’s advised one of the all-embracing best skateboarding brands.

So, it’s no abruptness their Jaywalker Haversack is at the featured in this account of the best skateboard backpacks.

This bad boy’s fabricated with 100% 600 d polyester. If you charge to apple-pie it, arch over to a bounded dry cleaner.

It’s advised with a capital alcove barometer 25L. There’s additionally a specific breadth for a laptop up-to-16″, so it should fit best accepted models.

There are bristles pockets in total:

While there aren’t many, in agreement of numbers, the pockets do a abundant job at acclimation your belongings.

The haversack feels snug, but not too intense, acknowledgment to a alternation of straps. Accept straps sit calmly adjoin you, while an adjustable sternum band balances the accomplished backpack’s weight.

Strap in your skateboard with durable, adjustable buckles. Aback they’re not in use, you can constrict them abroad for a added non-skate haversack appearance.

For an added akin of comfort, compression straps are additionally included. Aback tightened, they, well, abbreviate the backpack. In turn, this makes the haversack added bunched and easier to manage.

This skateboard haversack is congenital for those who are consistently on-the-go. Whether you’re traveling by bike, vehicle, or a deck, the Jaywalker fits in seamlessly.

It’s the appropriate best for skateboarders who appetite the abandon of a skateboard backpack, with the aesthetic-potential for a non-skate look.

And, it’s the appropriate bulk and the appropriate company. Get it afore your old one rips entirely.

Also accessible in: Stone gray, atramentous heather, concealment heather

Once you alpha benumbed a Penny board, you appetite to ride it 25/8. Afterwards all, there’s annihilation bigger than a cruiser that’s babyish abundant to accelerate in a bag.

Well, if you adulation your Pennies (or abate decks, in general), there’s one haversack that’ll amuse your fancy: Penny Slater Accessory Backpack.

What makes this bad boy so standout (aside from the clear colors–who doesn’t like tie dye?), is its acute versatility.

As you’d expect, it fits Nickel and Penny boards. But, it additionally holds added beneath decks, too, should you opt not to ride alone Pennies.

In fact, in a cardinal of acreage tests, it was bent you can attach a lath in 15-seconds, and abolish it in a bald 8-seconds.

Carrying a abundant bulk isn’t an issue. With a cogent bulk of accept added and a advanced band that buckles, the weight is analogously broadcast throughout the pack, abrogation your amateur happy.

Even admitting this is technically a skateboard backpack, it doubles as a academy bag, acknowledgment to:

The book holder is a massive advance over added skate and longboard backpacks–most alone affection a alcove for your laptop, not both.

Of course, Penny didn’t focus on alone school-related specs. There are accoutrements of added alarming features, like:

In combination, these account ensure your beatitude with a Penny Skateboard Backpack. Electronics all accept a home, and your accouter won’t accident them.

We briefly affected on this above. If you’re a student, you absolutely don’t appetite to absence out on the awesomeness that is this Penny Accessory Backpack.

It has all of the authoritative essentials you’ll charge to succeed. Whether you’re trucking beyond campus, or artlessly walking a few hallways, your aback won’t tire-out because the bag feels too heavy.

Because of this weight-distribution quality, this skate bag is a absurd best for non-students, too. Behindhand of whether you’re a approved accessible busline taker, or adopt to use your car, you’ll be stoked.

In the end, the actuality this haversack is congenital for is accession who needs to accumulate their actuality in order, while accepting easy-access to their deck.

So, it’s basically the absolute haversack for best people. Including you.

Element, as you already know, is accession one of those cool acclaimed skateboarding brands. In fact, they’re additionally a allotment of our account accoutrement the best skateboard companies.

They’re accustomed for their artefact alfresco of skateboards and accessories. Clothing, shoes, and added accessories like, you estimated it, backpacks.

Their Mohave Haversack absolutely epitomizes the awesomeness of their bags.

When it comes to Element, you aloof apprehend quality–it runs through their business’s blood. While bogus in China, it meets alone the highest-quality standards.

Most skateboard accoutrements crave you to spot-clean. Not this guy. You can hand-wash it afterwards any spillage, to accomplish it attending brand, spankin’ new.

Like both the Dakine and Eastsport, the Element additionally actualization a lined sunglasses pocket, so your shades break cool sleek.

A laptop sleeve keeps your computer from jostling around. You can abundance aggregate abroad you’d charge in the ample 30L capital compartment. Big, but not too big.

Should you charge an added bit of space, though, the bag’s bolt stretches a cogent bulk to lath beyond items.

And, you won’t accept to anguish about stripping any seams, as this baby’s bogus with a abiding 600D polyester, with solid zippers and stitching. Its average name ability as able-bodied be “tough stuff”.

Something to accumulate in mind: Beyond decks, abnormally longboards, are best accordant with the velcro busline straps.

Longboarders, or those who adopt a best skateboard.

That’s not to say accession who prefers “regular-sized” skateboards wouldn’t adulation it–the backpack’s artlessly complete with larger-decks in-mind.

That actuality said, it’s a absurd best for both acceptance and non-students alike. It’s ridiculously durable, holds what you need, and is adequate for abiding wear–the two front-buckle straps ensure that.

When you’re purchasing a new skateboard backpack, it’s important to go with article you apperceive and love. The Element Mohave fits the bill–it’s like cutting an old friend.

Also accessible in: 15 colors

We’ve credible skateboard backpacks from a cardinal of cool acclaimed skateboarding brands (and non-skate ones, too!)

We’re demography a slight change of pace, and will be attractive into not-as-popular, but still just-as-amazing manufacturers of skateboard equipment.

Whether or not you’ve heard of Nixon is moot. What you do charge to know, is their accomplished business is in creating absurd watches and backpacks.

Naturally, that agency we’re diving into their best-seller: The Smith Skatepack III.

When you’re attractive at a Smith backpack, you’re attractive at a artefact that’s been field-tested around-the-world, to ensure function, quality, and architecture are on-freakin’-point.

Many skateboard backpacks action a laptop sleeve, to accomplish the alteration from student-to-skateboarder a cinch. For added protection, the Smith Skatepack III actualization a bedlam side-entry alcove for any 13″ laptop.

There are aloof times breadth you charge added amplitude and this Nixon accommodates. Expand this sucker, with ancillary cobweb pocket, and the vertical zip-front backing pocket.

Over time, your skateboard bag’s 100% affirmed to actualization signs of wear. Nixon mitigates this breakdown, with the accession of a PU coated advanced and bottom, to access scuff-resistance.

Comfort is key in any longboard bag. As far as the straps go, they’re crafted with accoutrements of padding, with an added sternum strap, to balance-out the weight.

The skateboard straps, though, are click-in buckles. In turn, about any lath stays secure, while you’re cutting it.

It has a aggregate of 21L, so it is a bit abate than added skateboard and longboard backpacks. But, it still holds added than you think.

Because it’s smaller, and alone has a 13″ laptop capacity, it’s not ideal for students. But, it’s small-size is advantageous for those who appetite to biking via bike or motorcycle.

In added words, it’s abundant for those who are on-the-go and adulation traveling. Bringing your skateboard forth is aloof a huge perk.

And, we all apperceive appearance matters. This bad boy’s looks will accomplish akin the best analytical person’s aperture coil into a slight smile.

Security, quality, and abundance appear calm in this Nixon backpack. You’ll admiration why you didn’t acquirement it sooner.

When you anticipate of Burton, skateboarding apparently isn’t at the top of the list. Afterwards all, they’re advised one of the all-embracing best snowboarding brands.

So at aboriginal glance, it’s accessible to accept the confusion. But anticipate about it this way: Already you adore one accouter sport, it’s accessible to alteration to another. In added words, snow-to-pavement transitions are easy.

With that in mind, you can see why Burton chose to get into the skateboarding industry: They already accept a solid knowledge-base.

And thus, we’ve included the Burton Kilo Backpack, for its abounding alarming qualities.

Like abounding of the accoutrements on this list, this Burton skateboard haversack additionally has a bedlam laptop compartment. Ideally congenital for 15-inchers, it can clasp a 17″ model, if charge be.

As we saw on the Penny Accessory Haversack above, this bad boy additionally has a separate, fleece-lined abridged for a tablet. So, you can haversack both, afterwards annoying about damage.

There’s an added fleece-lined pocket, to deeply abundance your goggles or sunglasses. It’s still recommended you accumulate them in a bendable case–just to be sure.

It additionally boasts a cardinal of added centralized and alien authoritative pockets, including:

Whether you’re attractive to adapt your knick knacks, or authority ample items like a baptize bottle, there are affluence of pocket-options in the Burton Kilo.

Slide it on your back, and you’ll be captivated at the comfort. With wider-than-normal accept straps, they’re fully-adjustable to your body. A moveable sternum-strap, furthers this weight balance.

Strap in your board, with two vertical snap-in buckles. Straps are eight-inches across, and can amplitude to about nine-inches. So, it’ll authority any skateboard or longboard up-to-9-inches-wide.

There’s a added accustomed option, though: Accelerate the lath amid your aback and the haversack itself. In fact, you can do this with about any longboard backpack.

Because it can authority laptops up-to-17″ (although actual snugly) and abstracted book sleeve, it’s an ideal best for professionals and students, alike.

With a 27L capacity, it should authority all of your necessities. A cardinal of centralized and alien pockets, lath you with endless of organization.

Its adjustable lath straps accord way for about any skateboard out there, so you’re not bound attributable to size. Accept and sternum straps adjust, too, authoritative the fit fully-customizable.

If you alive in an breadth breadth it gets hot as Hades, you’ll admiration why you didn’t acquirement this babyish before.

It’s advised in such a way, that there are basal acquaintance points. This reduces the credible breadth adjoin your back, and appropriately decreases the all-embracing clamminess adjoin your body.

In added words, if you’re a human, this haversack is for you.

Also accessible in: 20 colors, including camo, black, floral, and tie dye.

As a accepted aphorism of thumb, you apparently don’t apprehend to see Nike included in a account of the best skateboard backpacks.

Well, Nike’s absolutely been into accouter sports for a while–I bedrock Nike snowboard boots–and they absolutely focus on the rider.

This focus is cool credible in the Nike SB RPM Backpack.

We’ve already discussed the accent of ratings, so I’ll aloof cut to the chase: This skateboard bag has a absolute 5-star rating. Yeah, it absolutely is that good.

For the price, (over-$70–yeesh!), Nike shatters quality-expectations. Like a few of the accoutrements we saw above, it has an absolutely abstracted laptop compartment, for added protection.

Moreover, there are a cardinal of easily-accessible pockets for your added electronics. It’s additionally complete with autogenous and exoteric authoritative pockets.

Thanks to arced accept straps, your close and upper-back will be blessed at the end of the day. A stabilizing sternum band balances the weight out, for an even-load.

On the bottom-back are two catch straps–rather than velcro–to lath assorted skateboard accustomed options.

Those who are attractive to absorb a bit more, for a higher-quality skate bag.

In added words, it doesn’t amount if you’re a student, authentic skateboarder, or accession who wants to use it as a assignment bag. No amount the ultimate use, it’s congenital with you in-mind.

That affection comes in the anatomy of comfort, aegis of bag’s contents, durability, and construction.

While you are advantageous a bit added upfront, you’ll be application it well-past the time you anticipation you’d charge a replacement.

A Nike haversack is in circling for years. Accomplish the advance today.

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